ISO 7380

ISO 7380 hexagon socket button head screws

What is ISO 7380 hexagon socket button head screws?

A ISO 7380 hexagon socket button head screws has a round cap with a hex head. The DIN 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws have a recessed socket head, which is fastened using a hex wrench dive. These screws are employed to connect different equipment easily in the system. DIN EN ISO 7380 Hex Socket Button Head Cap Screws have a longer cap and don’t loosen due to vibration and stress. These screws can be heat treated to meet desired conditions. An ISO 7380 A2 Button Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw can be coated with different protective oxides. This allows them to have good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. The ISO 7380f Socket (Button) Head Screws are available in different sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws Specifications

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What does ISO 7380 mean?

ISO 7380 is a standard specification for hexagon socket button head screw specification. An ISO 7380 Screw is designed with threads from M3 to M16.

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How do I measure ISO 7380 screw size?

The ISO 7380 screw diameter is measured by calculating the outer thread from one side to the other. The length of the ISO 7380 Bolt is the distance from the hexagon socket head to the blunt end of the screw.

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Advantages of ISO 7380-1 screw

The ISO 7380-1 screw is a six-sided fastener that has a bearing surface. An ISO 7380-1 Screw achieves higher torque and clamping force. This allows the utilization of fewer socket screws than other screws. These 7380 ISO Socket Head Cap Screws thereby reduce the weight on the overall grade.

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Applications and uses of ISO 7380-2 screw

The ISO 7380-2 screws are versatile fasteners that are utilized in connecting different equipment efficiently. An ISO 7380-2 Screw is commonly a feature in electronic, automotive, and machinery equipment.

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What diameter are 7380 DIN button head screws?

The 7380 DIN button head screws are available in standard sizes of M3 x 0.5 to M16 x 2. These 7380 DIN Button Head Screws are designed with wall thickness between 0.20 to 2.25mm.