ISO 8734 dowel pin

ISO 8734 dowel pin

What is ISO 8734 dowel pin?

The ISO 8734 dowel pins are straight headless shear fasteners that have chamfered ends. An ISO 8734 Dowel Pin helps aid its insertion and alignment. These pins can have straight, tapered, slotted, or grooved ends which are inserted into pre-drilled holes. The ISO8734A Plain Steel Parallel Dowel Pin helps keep the parts aligned in place. These pins are manufactured in precise fractional diameters and lengths. The ISO8734 C1 Metal Dowel Pins are designed in different sizes to meet project requirements.

ISO 8734 Dowel Pin Specifications

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What is ISO 8734 material?

ISO 8734 covers standard specifications for parallel pins. An ISO 8734 Material has hardened or case hardened and martensitic grade of stainless steel. This material is designed with standard diameters from 1mm to 20mm.

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What is the tolerance of parallel pin ISO 8734 ?

The parallel pin ISO 8734 common standard inch or imperial dowel pin has a diameter tolerance of -0.00 / +0.0002. It has a length tolerance of +/-0.010. The Parallel Pin ISO 8734 metric tolerance of+0.012mm/ 0.004mm and length specification as per the pin length.

ISO 8734 A mild steel solid dowel pin and DIN8734 solid dowel pins in 1 MM to 20 MM sizes

How do I choose a ISO 8734 DIN metric dowel pins?

The ISO 8734 DIN metric dowel pins should be selected based on various parameters. Generally, ISO 8734 DIN Metric Dowel Pins are selected based on the size and dimensions of the grade. The metric threads should also be chosen based on the material specification. Any customization of the ISO 8734 B Extractable Dowels also is a factor determining the selection process.

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Advantages of ISO 8734 A mild steel solid dowel pin

The ISO 8734 A MS steel solid dowel pin has superior strength with accurate tolerances. An ISO 8734 A Mild Steel Solid Dowel Pin has good dimensional accuracy with easy to use. These pins allow for easy construction and enable consistent alignment. The ISO 8734a Ground Dowel Pins can be used as a pivot and provide a neater and flusher finish.

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Application of DIN8734 solid dowel pins

The DIN8734 solid dowel pins are employed to keep machine components in their accurate alignment. These DIN8734 Solid Dowel Pins are used in detents, axles, cabinetry, bolting systems, processing units, etc.