ISO 898-1 bolt

ISO 898-1 Bolt

What is ISO 898-1 bolt?

The ISO 898-1 bolt is an International Organization for Standardization. An ISO 898-1 Bolt helps create a strong connection with different equipment. These bolts have good tolerances and strength. The DIN ISO 898 Part 1 U Bolts can create both permanent and temporary connection types. These bolts work in ambient temperatures from 10 to 35 degrees C. ISO 898 Part 1 Eye Bolts have primary alloys of carbon, phosphorous, and sulfur. These bolts are available in a range of sizes to suit project requirements.

ISO 898-1 Bolt Specifications

ISO 898-1 Chemical Composition

ISO 898-1 Mechanical Properties

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What size is an ISO 898-1 screw?

The ISO 898-1 screw is designed with a standard diameter from M6 to M68 or more. An ISO 898-1 Screw is available in lengths from 18 to 500mm.

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How is torque calculated for anchor bolt ISO 898-1?

The torque of the ISO 898-1 anchor bolt determines its twisting force. This Anchor Bolt ISO 898-1 is calculated using the formula T=K x D x P.
Here, T= tightening torque of the bolt
K- coefficient of friction
D= bolts diameter
P= desired tensile strength of ISO 898-1 Hex Head Bolt.

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Where are ISO 898 part 1 hex bolt commonly used?

The ISO 898 hex bolt is 6-sided grade specifications. This ISO 898 Part 1 Hex Bolt is common in chemical processing, power plants, mechanical units, piping systems, etc.

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Benefits of EN ISO 898-1 heavy hex bolts

The EN ISO 898-1 heavy hex bolt is a fastener having a raised head type. These EN ISO 898-1 Heavy Hex Bolts can connect equipment efficiently. These bolts prevent them from loosening from vibration and stress. The hexagonal EN ISO 898-1 Flange Bolts can fit well in compact spaces. These bolts are reliable and bolster a long service life.

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How do I calculate the weight of a DIN EN ISO 898-1 carriage bolts?

The DIN EN ISO 898-1 carriage bolt weight determines the load it can handle in the system. These DIN EN ISO 898-1 Carriage Bolts weight can be calculated using the formula Length x Width x Thickness x Density.