ISO 898-2 nuts

ISO 898-2 Nuts

What are ISO 898-2 nuts?

The ISO 898-2 nut is a fine and coarse threaded carbon and alloy steel specification. These ISO 898-2 Nuts are quenched and tempered carbon steel with phosphorous, sulfur, manganese, and other alloys. The ISO 898-2 Lifting Eye Nut has good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. These nuts have enhanced strength and outstanding performance. DIN EN ISO 898 part 2 T Nuts are designed with thread sizes of M12 to M39 with pitch thread of 1.75 to 2P. These nuts have a proof load between 74200 to 897900N. An ISO898-2 Material has a Brinell hardness between 190 to 287HB. The material can be designed in different sizes and shapes to suit different project requirements.

ISO 898-2 Nuts Specifications

ISO 898-2 Nuts Chemical Composition

ISO 898-2 Nut Dimensions

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What is ISO 898 part 2 metric nuts?

The ISO 898 part 2 metric nuts are referenced as M sizes. These ISO 898 Part 2 Metric Nuts cover simply the diameter and pitch of the nut. Common metrics classed are 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, etc.

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What is ISO 898 2 hex nuts tightening torque?

The ISO 898 2 hex nuts tightening torque is the measure of the force acting on it that causes it to rotate. ISO 898 2 Hex Nuts requires higher torque to tighten due to its superior strength and performance. The torque of the UNE-EN ISO 898-2 Wing Nuts is calculated using the formula T= K x D x P. Here, T is target torque, K is coefficient of friction, D nuts nominal diameter, and P desired tensile load.

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Uses of DIN EN ISO 898-2 heavy hex nuts

The DIN EN ISO 898-2 heavy hex nut is specified having higher thickness and strength specifications. These DIN EN ISO 898-2 Heavy Hex Nuts are a feature in water treatment plants, infrastructure, piping equipment, processing systems, etc.

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How do you calculate the shear strength of a ISO 898-2 carbon steel dome nuts?

The ISO 898-2 carbon steel dome nuts shear strength is calculated by taking 60% of its tensile strength. These ISO 898-2 Carbon Steel Dome Nuts are not usually specified by most manufacturers.

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How do you test the hardness of an EN ISO 898-2 square nuts?

Hardness is the fundamental property of EN ISO 898-2 square nuts that defines its resistance to permanent deformation. These EN ISO 898-2 Square Nuts can be tested based on Rockwell, Brinell, or Vickers hardness test.