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ISO Flange

What is ISO Flange?

ISO stands for International Standards Organization, which conforms to the vacuum flanges standard. The ISO Flanges shares the same underlying principle like that of the NW flanges series. They have two clamping mechanisms, which hold the flanges together. The Iso flange f07 offers great strength when they are used as structural elements. The Iso cf flanges is widely used in applications such as offshore, onshore, and subsea. Some important industries like heavy oil refineries, nuclear power, petrochemicals, acids, and bitumen upgraders are the top users of the Iso slip on flanges.

ISO Flange dimensions, standard, size, pressure rating, weight and specification

Iso Flange Specification

Iso Flange Dimensions

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What is the difference between a ISO 7005 and ISO 6164 flange?

Iso 7005 flanges has a base specification for pipe flanges, and they are mostly suitable for general purpose and industrial applications. On the other hand, the Iso 6164 flanges are used for leakage free high pressure connections. They are suitable for connections in a tight workspace.

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How to choose the right Iso kf vacuum flange?

The Iso kf vacuum flanges can be described as a quick release flange which is mostly used in vacuum systems. It has two symmetrical Kf vacuum flanges, with O-Ring, centering bracket, and clamp. To choose the right products, one must ensure the quality of the raw material, dimensional specifications, and they should also opt for experienced manufacturers.

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How we can check the strength of iso 160 blank flanges before purchasing the material ?

To check the strength of Iso 160 blank flanges before purchasing the material, one should consider the pressure class and size of the flanges. Heavier bolts can generally withstand high pressure, and thus they are stronger.

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How does a Iso 160 blank flange work?

The Iso 160 flange comes without any hub or a bore in the center. It is placed between two open flanges to terminate the pipe run through the pipe.