IX Seal Ring

ix seal ring

What is IX Seal Ring?

The use of Norsok CFCs (compact flange connections) also requires the use of suitable gaskets for sealing. Since regular gaskets aren’t usable, the preferred choice is the IX seal ring. It can be ordered in three different types of steel materials, and each come coated with PTFE. The colours however are kept varied so that these are distinguishable. Depending on the application, the materials are chosen so that the gasket is protected from corrosion. Various high-temperature and high-pressure applications especially oil and gas industry. All IX ring gaskets must carry the NORSOK STANDARD L005 (NCF5).

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Types of IX Seal Materials

For the IX ring gasket material, there are specifications for the minimum yield stress and ultimate stress. At maximum design temperature, these should be 300 mpa and 360 mpa for sufficient elastic spring back. Those with lower strengths may be used, but recommendations specify otherwise.

The material is chosen based on its compatibility with the flange material, medium and design temperature conditions. The common types are:

  • Carbon steel, SS 316 and low alloy steel for carbon steel flange
  • 22cr duplex for stainless steel flange
  • 17/4-PH for stainless steel flange
  • Nickel alloys for stainless steel flange

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How IX Seal Ring Gasket Works?

The axial forces of the IX seal ring gasket are exerted on the tapered end of the material. Hence, acting as a radial sealing force. As pre-load increases, the bevel closes and a face to face contact is achieved at the outer wedge. Now, most of the bolt pre-load transfers as compressive forces between the flange face at the heel. Two independent seals take place, the first created at the flange heel by the application of seal seating stress. The main seal, however, is the Norsok IX seal ring. It gets the force from the elastic energy stored in the stressed seal ring.

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Installation Process Of IX Ring Gasket

The right installation can determine a lot of things for both the RTJ and IX seal ring gaskets. And the first step to a successful installation is choosing the suitable Dn15 forging metal IX seal ring gasket. And that depends on the application. With that comes the proper placement of the ring between the flange faces. But that is relatively easier due to the ring’s design. Then comes bolting, and that has to be done in the proper order, depending on the number of tools used.

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Advantages Of Stainless Steel IX Seal Rings With PTFE Coating

Here are the advantages of stainless steel IX seal rings with PTFE coating:

  • The sealing action of these gaskets increases with an increase in internal pressure.
  • Depending on the material, the IX sealing rings can withstand high temperatures and pressure.
  • The gasket maintains a robust seal even in extreme conditions. This makes it suitable for sensitive applications of temperature, pressure, vacuum and nuclear.
  • These are not bothered by cold quench conditions and thermal cycling. This makes them better in the aspect than other regular gaskets.
  • These can help in achieving compact and lighter flange designs.
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Coating Types Of NORSOK IX Seal Ring Gaskets

The Norsok IX seal ring gaskets are available in various coating types that help in their identification. Moreover, the PTFE also helps in corrosion resistance, gives the gaskets a higher temperature and incredibly boosts their shelf life.

The coating can be in the range of 10μm to 30μm and of 4 types following the rules below.

  • Carbon steel, SS 316 and low alloy steel for carbon steel flange shall have a blue-colored coating
  • 22cr duplex, 17/4-PH, nickel alloy for stainless steel flanges shall have yellow, orange and black coating respectively.