JIS b2220 flange

Jis B2220 Flange

What is Jis B2220 Flange?

JIS or Japanese Industrial Standards are published by Japanese Standard Association (JSA), which is equivalent to ANSI standards in the United States. The Jis B2220 Flanges is used in those applications where they are exposed to highly corrosive media in elevated temperature situations. The Jis b2220 material has high strength and thus, they do not get deformed easily. Buyers can opt for different surface treatments on Jis b2220 10k to enhance its properties, like service life and longevity. The Jis flanges 10k is ideally used in high pressure situations, especially in oil and gas sectors. Depending on the pressure requirements, the ideal grade of Jis b2220 20k or below should be chosen.

JIS B2220 Flange dimensions, standard, pressure rating, weight and specification

JIS B2220 Flange Specification

Jis B2220 Flange Dimensions

ASME B16.5 JIS 5K flange suppliers in UAE

What is the difference between JIS b2220 5k, 10k, 16k, and 20k flange?

The Jis b2220 5k flanges, 10k, 16k, and 20k flanges, differ in their dimensions and they have different pressure grades. Higher the pressure grade, the higher pressure applications it can withstand.

JIS b2220 blind flange and JIS b2220 16k flange for high-temperature applications in Dubai

Application of Jis b2220 16k flange

The Jis b2220 16k flanges have a wide range of applications in different sectors like chemical, oil and gas, and other commercial services.

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Why hydro test required for Jis b2220 blind flange?

Hydro test is required for Jis b2220 blind flanges to check its leakage integrity by giving greater pressure to it than the design pressure. It is given where the general primary stresses in the components are below the yield point.

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Advantages and disadvantages of JIS b2220 weld neck flange

The JIS B2220 Weld Neck Flanges is ideal for extreme conditions in the piping systems. However, they are quite expensive compared to the other types of flanges.

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Standard sizes and thickness of Jis b2220 10k flange

The standard size and thickness of the Jis b2220 10k flanges can be found from the dimension chart