K-lock nuts

K-Lock nuts

What is a K-lock nut?

A K-lock nut is designed with a combination of a nut or washer that creates a strong locking mechanism. These K Lock Nuts is a special nut has a pre-assembled system and creates a strong connection. They don’t loosen due to any stress or tension in the system. The Steel K- Lock Nuts help create a strong and permanent or temporary connection. These nuts help reduce any axial movement once they’re installed. Metric K-lock Nuts can be produced in either a hot or cold rolling process. These nuts can be either fully or partially threaded across their length. The Conical Washer Keps Nuts are designed under ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, UNI, and DIN-EN standards.

K Lock Nuts Specifications

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How do you use a KEPS nut?

The keps nut is a standard hexagonal nut that is used with bolts having a serrated washer attached. The washer in the Keps Nuts bites into the surface and prevents them from loosening due to vibration. These allow the nuts to combine with external lock washers. The Metric Keps Nuts is a single fastener that is easy to use and maintain.

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What sizes do K Lock Nuts come in?

The K lock nuts are designed in metric sizes of M10 to M100. These K Lock Nuts are available in imperial sizes of 3/8 to 8 inches.

K lock nuts are available in metric sizes – M4 – M24 as per DIN 7967 standard

What is the purpose of a star nut?

A star nut is employed to create strong tension against the material they are installed on a bolt. Star Nuts help create the assembly more convenient that allows them to combine a hex nut with a lock washer. This process creates a single fastener making it highly reliable.

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Advantages of Captive Lock Nut

A captive lock nut helps create a firm and permanent connection. The Captive Lock Nut is safer and can be fastened efficiently. These nuts protect against high levels of vibration, stress, and other physical forces.

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How are Keps K Lock Nuts installed?

The Keps K lock nut installation process is simple as other nuts. These Keps K Lock Nuts are used in conjunction with a washer to efficiently fasten the bolt. They are tightened making use of a wrench or key.