L Pipe Bend

L Pipe Bend

What is the L pipe bend?

Pipe bends are necessary components of piping. The bend is a fitting that connects two pieces of pipes to direct the flow in an angled direction. The L Pipe Bend is also the 90┬░ bend. Since the shape of the bend looks like the letter L, it is called the L bend. The bends are made from different materials. The Titanium L Piggable Bends are made up of titanium alloys and are specifically made to send the pigs through the bends. Depending on the angle of the bends, the bends are called 45 Degree L Bending and so on with the denotation of the angle of the bend.

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Bending processes of L shape long radius bend

Bending Type L Copper Bends and other material-made bends involve mechanical or manual processes. Smaller diameter pipes can be bent through a bender with human power. The pipe is placed on the bender and then human power is applied to make the pipe into a Short Radius L Bend or long radius one. When the diameter is larger than usually 10 inches, the bends have to be bent with a heat application. This is to make sure that the bend has a consistent thickness. The Hot Induction L Seamless Bends are made through the hot induction process where the pipe is made upon an induction coil which heats up the pipe. After the pipe has been heated to the correct temperature, the pipe is bent, and then cooled down.

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When would you use a carbon steel L bend?

Carbon steels are useful in abrasion-prone applications. Carbon steels are also cost-effective and are strong enough and corrosion-resistant against general corrosive applications. The L Bend can be made from different material components, but the mild, low and high carbon steels are appropriate for cost-effective applications.

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The cost difference between a pipe elbow and L 90-degree bends

The 90-degree bends are usually more cost-effective than the elbow counterparts. The bends are governed by standards. The ASME B16.9 L 90 Degree Bend is governed by the ASME standards. The bends are preferred as they are low cost compared to the elbows. However, there are a lot of other factors that decide the cost of a bend. The material made, the availability of the raw material, the manufacturing process, the manufacturing country, and the global trade policies and politics are a few to name.

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How to buy a stainless steel L pipe bend?

Stainless steel piping components are the most common in the world. They are available everywhere. Nowadays, you can check the different products such as the 300 Series L Bends online on most platforms such as this one. You can contact the suppliers and clarify the details before placing an order for L Pipe Bending products. You can also visit the stores of the suppliers to make sure what you order is what you want. Once you are satisfied, you can place the order online, or by physically visiting the stores.

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How to calculate the thickness of L shaped bend?

As mentioned earlier, the thickness and other parameters of the pipes and fittings are governed by standards. The Alloy Steel L Shaped Bend and the other specific bends are governed by ASME and other international standards. The size charts provide guidance as per the dimensions. The thickness can be calculated according to these charts. A simple vernier caliber can be used to measure the thickness and confirm with the chart.