Light duty tube clamp

Light duty tube clamp

What are light duty tube clamps?

The clamps made under standard DIN 3015 type 1 are light duty and they can be made from different types of material. The light duty tube clamp can be made from carbon steel, different grades of stainless steel or it is customizable according to the client requirements. These have hydraulic structures which are used for pipe fitting. They are available within the size range of ¼” to 2 ½”. These clamps can bear pressure up to 1500 PSI. The light duty clamps have high durability and a compact design. They are also very easy to install. There are two types of these clamps- light two bolt pipe clamp and light three bolt pipe clamp.

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Verified Suppliers

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What is standard series clamp body?

The instrument tube clamp has clamping jaw pairs which consists of two identical halves of clamps.

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Torque and loads of light duty clamps

The recommended installation torque for light duty clamp is 50 in-lbs. It has 150 lbs load.

Equivalent to Parker, Swagelok & Stauff standard series clamps, check three bolt pipe clamp material, sizes and specification

How do you install a light duty pipe clamp?

The light duty pipe clamps are installed with the help of nuts and bolts. Ratcheting them too tight can strip them off, whereas if they are too loose, the pipes would bang into the clamps causing damage. Follow the torque standards for perfectly tightening the one inch pipe clamp for easy and effective installation.

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Advantages of standard series pipe clamp

The standard series pipe clamp comes with the following advantages:

  • They are used for light applications.
  • They can be installed quickly and easily.
  • They come with different types of lining, so as to absorb and reduce noise and vibrations.
Light duty clamp & standard series pipe clamp up to 102 mm as per DIN 3015

How standard series tube clamp works?

The standard series tube clamp are typically used for installation which includes moderate vibrations and average load. These are placed over the tube that is needed to be connected. And there is a band which tightens the hose.