Lined ball valves

Lined ball valves

What is a lined ball valve?

Valves are generally attacked by the line fluid. Especially if the fluid is corrosive. To prevent this from happening Lined Ball Valves are used in the system that prevents the attack from fluids generally acids or alkaline.

These valves are made up of the body stem, seat, ball, and lining. The interior of these valves is lined with high quality PTFE which is thick enough to protect the valve from chemical corrosion. This makes the PFA lined ball valves an excellent choice for nasty operations that include harsh chemicals.

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What is PFA ball valve used for?

They are used in plants that use harsh chemicals such as pharma plants. Their design minimises the pressure loss and increases the capacity. These PTFE lined ball valves are ideal for strongly corrosive applications that require reliable performance, constant torque, and tight shutoff.

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How do you control a ceramic lined ball valve?

A clockwise turn of the valve to 90 degrees will position the ball in line with the flow direction and reversing it will completely shut off the valve thus closing it. PFA ball valves are hence widely used to regulate the flow of fluid by on and off operations.

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Do teflon lined ball valves reduce pressure?

These valves do reduce pressure however they underperform when high pressure drops. They require greater force or throttling flow to shut off the valve. Teflon lined ball valve using a cylindrical or tapered plug to stop the flow. If the plug is rotated from the open position the solid part of the plug stops the flow.

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What are the advantages of the PFA ball valve?

A certain advantage of these ball valves includes that they are convenient to use and offer higher efficiency. Fep lined ball valves offer a robust design that is cost efficient and has a low installation and maintenance cost.

However, the certain disadvantage of these Ceramic lined ball valve is that it is prone to blocking and clogging. They also struggle with long term throttling. PVDF lined ball valve with a modern design has a v shaped port ball that provides precise flow control.

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What are the common applications of ceramic lined ball valves?

They are used in areas such as mining, coal fired power plants, pulp and paper industry, oil and gas industry, polysilicon, steel works, pneumatic conveying, and many other industries. This is because of the ability of these valves to withstand abrasive and corrosive applications. The pneumatic actuators for the Lined ball check valves can be factory assembled hence incorporating blowout features to ensure safety while using it.