Lined check valve

Lined check valve

What is an in PTFE lined check valve used for?

A check valve normally allows the flow of fluid in one direction. However, it does not strain the residue in the fluid which may lead to the deposition of sediments and clogging. A Lined Check Valve takes care of this problem it is lined and therefore prevents the sediments from being deposited.

These valves are mostly used for blocking the flow of fluid in the reverse direction. They are used in industries that operate using corrosive materials. This is because alloy materials are usually costlier than lined ones. PTFE lined check valves are mainly used to protect expensive equipment from being damaged, thus helping in extending their life span.

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Where should a lined ball check valve be installed?

It is usually advised to install these valves at the outlet of the control valve or the outlet of the pump. The discharge head of the pump should be directly below the first PFA check valve. However, one can also install it after the pump to prevent the reverse flow of the fluid and protect the pump.

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Does a PFA check valve prevent backflow?

Yes the PFA valve does prevent the backflow of fluid provided it is installed in the correct location. The free moving ball inside the body of the application allows the flow in the forward direction and creates a tight seal to avoid reverse flow.

The PTFE Lined Wafer Check Valves are appropriate for slurry duties because the disc swings freely from the bore and are available in sizes 1″ NB up to 12″ NB.

What happens if you install a lined swing check valve backward?

In case the valve is installed backwards there will be pressure built up since the fluid will not be able to move through the system. This pressure built up in the PFA lined check valve can damage the system.

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How much pressure is needed to open a PFA lined ball check valve?

In general, the pressure range of these check valves is between ⅛ PSI to 85 PSI. as well as the minimum drop pressure required for these Lined swing check valves is between 0.5 PSI to 2.0 PSI.

Lined ball check valve is available in various styles such as wafer, weld, sanitary, tubing or threaded. Moreover, these PFA lined swing check valves are also available in the insert, housed, mini, or custom style.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PTFE lined swing check valve?

These valves offer a number of advantages and a few disadvantages that are listed below


PTFE lined ball check valve maintains pressure and prevents the reverse flow of fluid. They also serve as a backup system and can be used horizontally as well as vertically. They are found in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and refineries. PFA lined ball check valves are also used in oil field production, steam, water, and in refining petroleum. The most common use is the wastewater management system.


PTFE lined swing check valve offer certain disadvantages such as they cannot be used with the pulsating system. Also, closing elements can cause damage to the system. The continuous flapping of the Teflon lined check valve may be destructive to the seating elements.