Lined diaphragm valve

Lined diaphragm valve

What is a lined diaphragm valve?

The main purpose of the diaphragm valve is to control the flow of liquids and gases. A Lined diaphragm valve is lined with a high quality PFA or PTFE material. Let us see how this helps the valve and makes it different.

As mentioned above it is lined with PTFE material which is thick. The thickness prevents chemical corrosion and protects the valve. PTFE lined diaphragm valve is therefore used in applications that work in harsh environments.

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Lined Diaphragm Valve Specification

Lined Diaphragm Valve Material

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What is a rubber lined diaphragm valve used for?

This valve is lined with a rubber material which helps it in handling corrosive and abrasive material. Rubber lined diaphragm valve is used in sewers, mining minerals, paper processing, steel work, power generation, and chemical industries since it prevents hydro abrasion.

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How do you test a PFA lined diaphragm valve?

Introduce the medium from one end keeping the other end closed and open the valve flap. Then raise the test pressure. To check if there is any leakage around the body or FEP lined diaphragm valves cover. If there is no leakage then the valve is qualified.

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Can PTFE lined diaphragm valve be installed vertically?

Yes, these valves can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. This is because they are available in different styles and series. FPT threaded flange style, socket and threaded connections. DAB series are available in flange or true union sockets, all these are suitable for vertical as well as horizontal use.

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How do you install a glass lined diaphragm valve?

Hard gaskets are to be avoided when handling glass lined valves. The vertical installation provides easy access to the hand wheel. Inline flange mounting of Glass lined diaphragm valve can be done by the use of a PTFE gasket or rubber.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of teflon lined diaphragm valves?

Since the diaphragm has few moving parts it is easy to clean and maintain them. They possess an anti leak seal with a tight shutoff and are easy to sterilize. It is also easy to repair a Teflon lined diaphragm valve without interrupting other pipeline components.

However, these Ebonite lined diaphragm valves also have certain disadvantages such as the hygienic diaphragm can be used between a temperature range of -40 degrees F to 350 degrees F and within a pressure range of less than or equal to 150 PSI. Also, one more limitation of these PFA lined diaphragm valve is that the body needs to be made up of corrosion resistant material. This restricts the use of materials available for manufacturing the valves