Lined plug valves

Lined plug valves

What are lined plug valves?

A plug valve uses a cylindrical or tapered plug to stop or trigger the flow of fluid. A Lined Plug Valves has a plugged passage in the open position with outlet and inlet ports on the sides. The port is then blocked by the solid part of the port to stop the flow.

These are cavity free valves in both open and closed positions. A 360 degrees sealing area is provided by the tapered inner body liner and outer plug. Along with this, the delta sealing gives it an additional sealing level. A Fully lined plug valve has a polymer coating on the inside of the body of the wall.

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Is Teflon lined plug valve good for flow control?

The answer to this question is Yes! The lined plugs offer good flow control. This is due to their ability to be easily sealable. Teflon lined plug valve, therefore, helps in separating the fluid in the pipes to avoid the mixing of contaminants. This is an important feature of high pressure operations.

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When would you use a PTFE lined plug valve?

They are most suitable for open and closed applications. However, when the application requires throttling these Ptfe lined plug valve is said to be unsuitable since the plug and valve body could get eroded due to the low fluid velocity. This could lead to an incorrect closure or leak in some cases.

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What is the most common application of PFA lined plug valves?

These plugs are used in commercial and light industrial activities such as handling gas and liquid fuels and regulating fluids with particles of solids such as slurries. Furthermore, Pfa lined plug valve can also be used in directional flow control, low temperature services, or handling low pressure.

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How does a PTFE lined plug valve work?

It operates by raising and lowering the plug. The valve body is different from the plug hence when the stem is lowered the plug is also lowered. PTFE sleeved plug valves are therefore used in caustic, acidic, water, and other chemical solutions. It can survive those conditions due to the anticorrosive coating that we provide on the inner side of the PFA lined plug valves.

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How many positions does an FEP PTFE coated 3 way plug valve have?

The plug rotates 14 times to completely shut off the pipeline. They mostly have 2 possible flow paths along with 2 possible off positions.

Glass lined plug valves are used since they provide a smooth non-sticky interior surface. This avoids the build-up of struvite. This will also help in cutting down the frictional loss. Sleeve lined plug valves on the other hand are quarter turn valves that are non lubricated. They achieve the sealing by compressing the sleeve.

A Fep PTFE coated 3 way plug valve prevents either mixing of 2 different fluids that may or may not be corrosive. Or it separates the fluid coming from one section into two different sections. PTFE plug valves have a diameter range of ½ inch to 24 inches. PFA coated carbon steel gas plug valves manufactured by us are the best in quality and offer all the mentioned qualities. Customised designs are also available for our clients depending upon the requirement.