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ASTM A53 grade b erw pipe manufacturer in India

ASTM A53 grade b erw pipe

ASTM A53 schedule 40 seamless pipe

ASTM A53 schedule 40 seamless pipe

ASTM A53 galvanized pipe

ASTM A53 galvanized pipe

The ASTM A53 specification details the requirements for carbon steel piping for general applications. Besides carbon, the chemical composition includes manganese (1.2%), phosphorus, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and sulfur. ASTM A53 Grade B ERW pipes can undergo welding, bending, coiling, flanging, etc. These pipes are suitable for several uses like refineries, steam transmissions, generators, etc. The electric resistance welding process makes them durable, sturdy, and resilient for long-term use.

These pipes have immense applications in multiple industrial sectors. While they cater to mechanical and pressure applications, they also work perfectly to transmit water, steam, gas, etc. Industries that use these pipes include shipbuilding, marine applications, nuclear power, and paper and pulp plants. They are also integral to heat exchangers and condensers.

Anil Metal is a well-established manufacturer of ASTM A53 Grade B ERW pipes. The company supplies sturdy, high-strength products that can experience bending and flanging. These carbon steel pipes are also suitable for welding. This specification covers Type E pipes that undergo electric resistance welding.

Most manufacturers supply these pipes in an annealed condition. While they intend to serve general-purpose applications, they are ubiquitous in most industries. For example, clients order them for water lines, gas pipes, refineries, etc. Further uses include boilers, hot water conveyance, bearing sets, heavy machinery, and wind power plants.

SA 53 gr b pipe and astm a53 schedule 40 seamless pipe supplier in Mumbai

Anil Metal is a Mumbai-based supplier of piping conforming to SA 53 Grade B standards. These pipes can be welded or seamless. ASTM A53 Schedule 40 seamless pipes are beneficial for top-notch corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and easy bending. Their manufacturing process involves extrusion or passing a billet through a steel sheet. The minimum tensile strength is as much as 60,000 psi. The yield strength is an impressive 35,000 psi.

These seamless pipes are available in different schedules and standard sizes from ½ to 36 NB. The wall thickness ranges from 3mm-12mm. While they can be costlier than welded options, seamless pipes are indispensable in many applications, such as generators and refineries.

Exporter of astm a53 type f,  type s and type e carbon steel pipe in India

There exists a continuous global demand for ASTM A53 pipes for general-purpose applications. Anil Metal is a dependable exporter of these products for diverse industries. Customers can choose from various types of carbon steel pipes, like ASTM A53 Type F, S, and E. Types F and S are available in two grades, A and B, based on low (0.25%) to high (0.30%) carbon content. Type E is available only as Grade A.

ASTM A53 Type F deals with welded pipes. They can be welded longitudinally (butt welding) or continuously. In contrast, the A53 Type S piping is seamless. It can get manufactured via hot-working or cold-finishing. You can choose A53 Type E pipes if you need electric resistance welding.

STD, sch 40/ 60 ASTM A53 welded steel pipe for bending, coiling, & flanging

The popularity of ASTM A53 welded steel pipes stems from their adaptability to various basic operations. These components can get easily bent, coiled, or flanged. Customers can request products in different schedules based on their needs. Anil Metal has an impressive product range, including piping of Schedules 40 and 60 (SCH 40/60). The schedule number denotes the pressure class to which the pipe belongs.

Customers can specify the sizes in NPS and outer diameter. The standard dimensions are NPS 1/2 to NPS 26. The company can provide Schedule 40 pipes of standard weight (STD). This classification pertains to the size and can get customized based on specific needs.

Supply astm a53 galvanized pipe and a53 gr b erw pipe with hydrostatic & flattening test

Anil Metal focuses on delivering high-quality piping to its clients. Customers ordering ASTM A53 galvanized pipes and A53 Grade B ERW pipes will receive the delivery after complete testing. The former has an outer zinc coating for additional corrosion resistance.

The standard tests include hydrostatic and flattening. The former can ensure the safety and structural integrity of the component. The specification mandates that the pressure gets maintained for at least five seconds for seamless and ERW pipes.

Flattening is a mechanical test to identify defective areas of the piping and also check the ductility. Under ASTM A53, this test applies to ERW pipes with NPS 2 or more.

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