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Stainless steel erw pipe manufacturer in India

Stainless steel erw pipe

SS 304 erw pipe

SS 304 erw pipe

SS 316 erw pipe

SS 316 erw pipe


6 reasons to choose us to buy stainless steel erw pipe

Stainless steel piping gets preferred across multiple industries, including food processing, fertilizers, petrochemicals, and textiles. A stainless steel erw pipe gets produced via electric resistance welding, i.e., rolling the metal and welding it longitudinally. Jirawala Pipe & Tube was established in 2017 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is an established supplier of these pipes.

  • Availability – of different grades and sizes
  • Customization – various dimensions available per client requirements
  • Quality – assured standards with MTC (Mill Test Certificate)
  • Quantity – both bulk and small-sized orders accepted
  • Delivery – fast deliveries across regions
  • Expertise – dedicated employees with in-depth domain knowledge

Wide stock of ss 304 erw pipe in Mumbai accordance to ASTM A312, A358, and A249

6 common differences between ASTM A312, A358, and A249 TP304 ERW Pipe

Customers can order ERW pipes in different grades and specifications. The most common ones include ASTM A312 and A358, known for corrosion-resistance and high-temperature applications. The ASTM A249 standard covers austenitic stainless steel tubes, with TP304 the most popular. These products cater to pressure systems.

  • Sizes: A312 pipes are available up to 30 inches, while A358 ones get manufactured up to 48 inches. ASTM A249 tubes are generally up to 12 inches in outside diameter.
  • Manufacturing process: ASTM A312 pipes get manufactured seamlessly via automatic welding without filler, or cold working. However, ASTM A358 products need fusion welding. A249 TP304 tubes undergo welding and cold-work.
  • Quality: ASTM A312 pipes don’t have a weld joint, which gives them higher integrity. The other two grades also use high-quality stainless steel with admirable performance under stress.
  • Pressure rating: ASTM A312 pipes can handle more pressure due to their seamless manufacture. ASTM A249 piping is also suitable for high-pressure systems.
  • Price: A312 pipes are the most expensive, followed by A358 and A249.
  • Industrial uses: A249 TP304 pipes work in heat-based systems like boilers, heat exchangers, and condensers. In contrast, ASTM A312 and A358 pipes work in oil and gas, chemical industries, and general engineering.

Supplying 304 stainless steel electric resistance welded pipes in Mumbai with hydrostatic testing

Which 4 quality tests are important for ss erw pipes?

High-temperature and high-pressure applications frequently employ stainless steel pipes. Ascertaining their performance under duress is essential to guarantee system performance. Jirawala Pipe & Tube provides a Mill Test Certificate to check the quality of the SS 304 or SS 316 erw pipe. The four main tests are:

1. Destructive: These tests judge the yield or tensile strength of the pipe and cause permanent deformation. The standard procedures are fatigue testing, flattening, bending, etc. Charpy impact test is also a destructive procedure to measure the toughness.
2. Non-destructive: It comprises several methods like magnetic particle inspection and PMI or positive material identification. PMI checks the piping visually via an X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) machine.
3. Hydrostatic: It helps the ss erw pipe manufacturer to assess the performance under high-pressure conditions.
4. Ultrasonic: It examines the wall thickness and internal structure.

Jirawala Pipe & Tube offers 1/2 to 24 NPS 316 stainless steel erw pipe at compititive price in India

Manufacturing capability to produce 304 & 316 stainless steel erw pipe: Here are the 4 reasons which make us different from other ss erw pipe manufacturers

Jirawala Pipe & Tube manufactures both 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel. Grade 316 comprises a minimum 2.0% of molybdenum in addition to nickel and chromium. It enhances its corrosion resistance over an SS 304 erw pipe and chloride tolerance. You can order the required material for chemical processing, food processing, fertilizer plants, and other applications. Compared to other manufacturers, Jirawala excels at:

1. Customized orders in bulk and economic quantities
2. Guaranteed quality regardless of the ordered amount or specification
3. Availability of non-standard sizes per customer specifications
4. Fast delivery across regions with dependable export packaging

Large diameter ss erw pipe are available in various wall thickness, we offer mechanical properties testing to ensure the toughness

What are our specialities as ss erw pipe manufacturer in India?

At Jirawala Pipe & Tube, we take pride in serving our customers promptly with custom sizes as requested. You can order a stainless steel erw tube in the desired dimensions, and we will produce them to fulfill your needs. Our company guarantees fast delivery to ensure your industrial projects do not face delays. Our export packaging solutions help us cater to clients across geographies.

We have an experienced team to oversee the manufacture of stainless steel piping and monitor the product quality. It helps us ascertain that all our products adhere to the desired specifications and exhibit the required mechanical and chemical properties. The company focuses on continued development based on customer feedback.

Buy stainless steel erw tube in Mumbai with third party inspection, flattening test and MTC certificate, contact to check size chart & pressure rating

What is the formula to calculate weight? How to get an idea of the pressure rating?

You can gauge the pressure rating of a stainless steel pipe from the wall thickness, given by the schedule number. It refers to the maximum pressure the piping can handle at a temperature. Barlow’s formula lets you calculate this as below:
P or pressure = (2 x T x S/D), where T gives the wall thickness, S refers to the stress, and D is the outer diameter.

The weight of a stainless steel pipe depends on the outer diameter and the wall thickness. It gets calculated using this formula, where OD refers to the outside diameter, and T is the wall thickness:

Weight in kilograms per meter or pounds per feet = (OD -T) x T x 0.02466

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