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Dinesh Tube India

Year of establishment 2011
Total export experience (in Years) 5
Nature of Business Supplier
Third Party Inspection Yes
Custom Sizes Yes
Custom Packaging Yes
MTC Report Yes
Major clients in the Middle East Gasco, Saudi Aramco
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SAW pipe manufacturer in India

SAW pipe

ASTM A106 saw pipe

ASTM A106 saw pipe

API 5l saw pipes

API 5l saw pipes

Why do we have 60% repeated orders from our clients?

Established in Mumbai in 2009, Dinesh Tube has progressed into a name to reckon with for industrial piping needs. The company provides high-quality and thoroughly tested materials and finished SAW pipe to numerous clients.
Dinesh Tube has a reputation for long-term relationships with customers. The track record of the company shows 60% repeated orders from clients. This trust stems from the company’s focus on quality, timely delivery, and competitive rates. All the orders undergo Positive Material Identification or PMI before delivery. The shipment has a test certificate with necessary details like chemical composition, mechanical properties, test results, etc. Clients can request further mechanical or ultrasonic tests from government-approved laboratories and third-party inspection.

Ready stock of submerged arc welded pipes in Mumbai are available in 16 to 120 inches size range

Which manufacturing method is good for a durable joint? Know more about submerged arc welded pipes stock sizes, wall thickness and export packaging

Welding is a trustworthy manufacturing technique to produce durable joints with long service life. It involves joining parts by applying heat, pressure, and, occasionally, a filler material.

Low-pressure applications frequently use submerged arc welding or SAW. Here, SAW pipes can get manufactured as longitudinal and spiral. The approach creates high current density and lets the flux get concentrated for the welding area.
Dinesh Tube India can supply SAW pipes in different dimensions per user requirements. The standard diameters range from 16 inches to 60 inches. The wall thickness can vary from 1.6mm to 25mm. The company employs reliable export packaging to ensure prompt and damage-free delivery.

Cabon steel saw pipe supplier in Mumbai for gas pipelines, various grades in stock including ASTM A106/ API 5l Gr.B, A333 grade 6

Top 6 reasons to choose carbon steel saw pipes

Several industries, like petrochemicals, oil & gas, mining, and paper & pulp, employ submerged arc welded pipes.

1. High welding quality: These pipes require lower labour effort than manual welding and also eliminate the need for arc radiation. The products have a smooth and uniform weld finish.
2. Good mechanical properties: Carbon steel pipes are sturdy, shock- and fire-resistant, and suitable for different connection types.
3. Affordable prices: Production efficiency and high productivity bring down the cost of carbon steel SAW pipes.
4. Corrosion and weather resistance: These pipes can handle trying temperatures, pressures, and abrasive agents.
5. Straightforward maintenance: The durability of these pipes reduces maintenance costs and efforts.
6. Direct installation and customization: The light, flexible nature streamlines installation, transport, and availability in different sizing.

Exporter of API 5l saw pipe in India, API 5l x65, x52 and x70 PSL1/ PSL2 suitable for oil and gas industry, check the complete price list

What can be the maximum size and wall thickness? Why we can offer you the most competitive price: read these 4 reasons.

SAW pipes are available in different sizes based on industry requirements. The maximum size range is from 20 inches to 100 inches. Customers can use LSAW or seamless pipes ranging from 16” to 24”. However, they are the standard choice for large diameter pipes and piping over 24 inches.

Dinesh Tube can offer you competitive rates for your material needs. The company has:

1. A vast product portfolio to fulfil client needs on time
2. Associations with many manufacturers for high-quality products suitable for exports
3. Reliance on Japanese techniques like kanban and pokayoke for efficient and accurate production
4. Competent expert teams devoted to newer technologies for production and supply

Dinesh Tube India performs various quality test before supplying the large diameter welded steel pipes, third party inspection can be done on request

Why are Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) & Ultrasonic Testing important?

Non destructive testing (or NDT) is a common approach to assess the quality of carbon steel saw pipes and identify defects and flaws in the internal structure. This testing is critical to rule out defective products that can affect the performance and safety of your application.
Magnetic particle inspection (or MPI) is an inexpensive, portable, and accurate technique under NDT. It builds a magnetic field around the product and coats it with iron particles. The induced current can help identify any flaws. However, it is not effective at recognizing defects under the surface.
Contrastingly, ultrasonic testing (or UT) uses a transducer to bring high-frequency waves into the product. The resulting 3D image reveals defects like cracks, fissures, etc. Various kinds of UT include phased array, straight beam, guided wave, etc. It is a quick and trustworthy method for different types of materials.

ASTM A106 Gr.B saw pipe supplied with MTR & EN 10204-3.1 type quality certificate

What should a buyer compare between ASTM A106 Gr.B and API 5l saw pipes?

Both these piping specifications get commonly used in industrial applications. Here are the criteria to help you choose:

  • Manufacturing method: The ASTM A106 standard applies to seamless carbon steel pipes. However, API 5L refers to both seamless and welded steel pipes.
  • Composition: An API 5l saw pipe requires a lower carbon content than ASTM A106 (0.28% instead of 0.30%). The chromium and manganese content is higher.
  • Strength: API 5L is considerably stronger for oil and gas industries.
  • Pressure rating: ASTM A106 seamless pipes can handle higher pressures.
  • Cost difference: Seamless pipes, i.e., ASTM A106, are pricier than welded steel pipes.

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