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Seamless steel pipe manufacturer in India

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawn seamless tubing

Cold drawn seamless tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing

Remember these 7 things when contact a seamless steel pipe manufacturer in India

  • The manufacturer should prioritize quality and have a record of delivering high-quality products like Steel India Company.
  • Check the manufacturer’s production capacity, lead time, and delivery times. This will ensure they can meet your needs in terms of volume and timelines.
  • They should offer a wide range of seamless steel pipes in different sizes, grades, and specifications to meet your requirements.
  • Review the manufacturer’s production processes- raw material selection, heat treatment, and testing, to ensure they follow industry standards and best practices.
  • They should quote a fair price- including all the costs like transportation, packaging, and taxes, and there should be no hidden costs.
  • They must offer excellent customer support, including after-sales services- this also has technical support, maintenance, and warranty.
  • Confirm the manufacturer’s reputation by reading customer reviews and testimonials online- check their social media presence and ratings, and ask for references from past customers.

Cold drawn seamless tubing and seamless mechanical tubing stockist in Mumbai

6 common differences between cold drawn seamless tubing and seamless mechanical tubing

  • Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is produced by drawing a solid steel bar through a die- this helps create the desired shape and size. Mechanical tubing solution is by rolling a solid steel bar and piercing it to create the required shape.
  • Cold drawn seamless tubing has a smooth, polished surface finish. Mechanical tubing has a rough mill finish.
  • CD tubes have a tighter dimensional tolerance and thus can be used in more precise applications compared to mechanical tubes.
  • Cold drawn steel tubes have higher strength and toughness and thus they are used for services needing higher mechanical properties than mechanical tubes.
  • CD tube is available in smaller sizes and thinner wall thicknesses than seamless mechanical tubing.
  • CD tubing solutions are generally more expensive than mechanical tubing solutions due to their manufacturing process and tighter tolerances.

Looking for seamless tube suppliers in Mumbai? Steel India Company supply seamless pipes and tubes in various schedule and wall thickness

Schedule 80 or 80s which seamless pipes can take more pressure? Why there is more demand of sch 40 smls pipe in oil and gas industry?

Both Schedule 80 and 80s seamless pipes have the same nominal wall thickness- 0.322 inches. Hence they can bear the same amount of pressure. The difference between the two schedules is in their outside diameter and weight per foot- Schedule 80s has a smaller outer diameter and is lighter than Schedule 80.

Schedule 40 seamless pipes and tubes are more commonly used than Schedule 80 or Schedule 80s seamless pipes. It is because Schedule 40 seamless pipes are more affordable than Schedule 80 or Schedule 80s pipes.

Also, the oil and gas industry operate at relatively low to moderate pressures and temperatures- this makes Schedule 40 pipes more suitable for the applications. Schedule 40 pipes also have a larger inside diameter and hence are easier to inspect and maintain.

Manufacturer of high quality seamless line pipe in India, we offer UT, MPI, RT and LPT tests to ensure the specification and standard

What are the 6 common defects in seamless line pipe? Which quality test is required to detect them?

6 common defects that may occur in seamless line pipes and the quality tests required to detect them are:

  • Pipe Body Ovality- it occurs when the pipe wall thickness is not uniform around the circumference and results in an oval cross-section. The ultrasonic test is commonly help detect pipe body ovality.
  • Pipe Body Wall Thickness- when the pipe wall thickness is not uniform along its length. It is also detected by ultrasonic tests.
  • Lack of Fusion- it is characterized by an incomplete fusion between the pipe body and its weld. Radiographic test helps detect it.
  • Porosity- it is due to the presence of small cavities or voids within the pipe material. Porosity defects can be detected by ultrasonic or radiographic tests.
  • Surface Defects- they are visible on the pipe and can include scratches, gouges, or cracks. A visual inspection helps detect surface defects.
  • Mechanical Damage- it can occur during transportation or handling of the pipe- dents or deformations on the pipe surface. Visual inspection is required for this.

Apart from these, other quality tests such as hydrostatic testing, tensile testing, and impact testing may also be used to detect defects and ensure the quality of the smls line pipe.

Exporter of seamless black steel pipe in India, call now for smls pipe standard size chart, weight, and price in Mumbai

Common coating and end connections of a seamless black steel pipe. Check how to calculate the tolerance of a smls pipe

Seamless black steel pipe can have black paint, varnish, galvanized coating, and epoxy coating as its surface coatings. The end connections can be plain, threaded, coupled, and beveled ends.

The tolerance of a smls pipe depends on the pipe’s applicable standard and specification. The tolerance may vary with the diameter, wall thickness, and other specifications of the pipe.

To calculate the tolerance of a seamless steel pipe, the following formula can be used:
Tolerance = (Diameter x Percentage)/100
Diameter- the nominal diameter of the pipe
Percentage- the percentage tolerance specified in the applicable standard or specification

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