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ASTM B163 tube stockist in Dubai

ASTM B163 tube stockist in Dubai

SB 163 UNS N04400 condenser tube

SB 163 UNS N04400 condenser tube

SB 163 UNS N08825 tubing

SB 163 UNS N08825 tubing

Top 4 reasons to choose Prestige Metalloys to purchase ASTM B163 tube in Dubai

This specification covers seamless nickel and nickel alloy tubes for heat-based applications like condensers and heat-exchangers. An ASTM B163 tube has excellent corrosion resistance and can handle high pressures and temperatures.
Prestige Metalloys, established in the UAE in 2014, is a reliable stockist and supplier of this tubing. Many global clients choose this company to purchase ASTM B163 tubes in Dubai. Its industrial applications include oil & gas, ship repair, marine engineering, and petrochemicals.

  • High-quality ASTM/ ASME SB 163 material to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Continued 24/7 support to address any customer grievances

SB 163 UNS N04400 condenser tube supplier in Dubai

Which origin is best to import SB 163 UNS N04400 condenser tube in Dubai?

Dubai has a thriving economy with industries in different sectors. SB 163 UNS N04400 condenser tubes facilitate the condensation of the process fluid. They are indispensable in heat-based systems like boilers and refrigerators.
While looking to import this tubing to Dubai, customers can seek multiple options for origin. For example, the American, Japanese, European, and Russian standards get preferred. Other ASTM B163 options include Indian and Korean.
Origin selection will depend on your specifications and budget, as one preference won’t suit clients in all sectors. The chosen origin should adhere to internationally accepted standards for compatibility.

Check annealing temperature of SB 163 UNS N08825 tubing

What is the annealing temperature of SB 163 UNS N04400 & SB 163 UNS N08825 tubing? Main 4 differences between these grades

The SB 163 UNS N04400 material refers to Monel 400. It can undergo annealing to get the desired ductility and reduce structural distortions. The allowable temperature range is 1300°F to 1800°F, but 1600°F to 1800°F gets most often used. Typically, this grade gets solution annealed at 700°C to 900°C.

In contrast, SB 163 UNS N08825 refers to Incoloy 825. It gets annealed at 930°C to 1030°C. The two alloys also differ in some other ways:

SB 163 UNS N04400 SB 163 UNS N08825
Composition Combines nickel and copper Comprises nickel, iron, chromium, copper, titanium, and molybdenum
Strength High Higher
Ductility Good Difficult to machine
Corrosion Resistance Good for marine environments Superior in both oxidizing and reducing environments
Check advantages of SB 163 N04400 seamless tube, view od/ id and price in Dubai

Top 7 advantages SB 163 N04400 seamless tube

An SB 163 N04400 seamless tube uses Monel 400, a nickel alloy with high concentrations of copper and chromium. The seamless manufacture implies the absence of welds or seams.

  • Can handle corrosive and alkaline environments and neutral salts
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Proves sturdy with a tensile strength of 550Mpa and yield strength of 240Mpa
  • Exhibits easy elongation
  • Can handle high pressures up to 7000 PSIG
  • Can be manufactured in various sizes between 3.35mm to 101.6mm (outer diameter)
  • Displays good resistance to impact and stress
ASTM B163 heat exchanger tubes, check SB 163 material uses and temperature limits

Top 6 applications of SB 163 material and temperature limits

These tubes get customarily used in industrial applications that demand strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance. The SB 163 material refers to nickel alloys used for seamless piping. The two choices under this are Monel 400 and Inconel 825.

  • Marine industries, for instance, marine splash zone sheathing
  • Cement manufacture
  • Chemical processing, for example, ethyl chloride purification
  • Desalination to produce salt, residues, other compounds
  • Nuclear sectors
  • Condensers and heat exchangers

SB 163 material can operate in a wide temperature range. It is perfect for temperatures up to 1100°F or 539°C and does not undergo deformation.

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