Jay Jagdamba Limited

Stainless steel bright bar manufacturer in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Jay Jagdamba Limited

Year of establishment 2010
Total export experience (in Years) 12
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Third Party Inspection Yes
Custom Sizes Yes
Custom Packaging Yes
MTC Report Yes
Major clients in the Middle East Gasco
  • BIS Grant of Licence IS 7283-1992
  • IS 6603-2001 Stainless Steel Bars & Flats
  • IS 6527-1995 Stainless Steel Wire Rod
  • BIS Licence - IS 6527-1995
  • RoHS Directive Compliance
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certified Lab
  • Product Certification License
  • CPR
  • AD 2000-Merkblatt W0
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
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Stainless steel bright bar manufacturer in Mumbai

Stainless steel bright bar

Stainless steel hex bar

Stainless steel hex bar

SS bright bars

SS bright bars

A smooth surface finish and bright looks give these bars their name. Stainless steel bright bars have a precise molecular structure and get manufactured via a cold drawing technique. They get used as dependable and corrosion-resistant raw materials for various products such as nuts, nozzles, equipment shafts, machine parts, and fasteners.

These bars comprise carbon and small amounts of other elements like chromium, manganese, and iron. They get produced in sizes of 0.5 mm to 125 mm per AISI 300 and 400. Manufacturers must adhere to international standards to guarantee precision, compatibility, and adaptability to different industrial sectors. Both the 300 and 400 series have impressive tensile and yield strength. But the latter has a higher carbon content and greater hardness.

Engineering works use these bars for structural stability. They also have architectural applications in fences and railings. Other sectors that employ them are machinery and automobiles.

Jay Jagdamba Limited is a trusted stainless steel bright bar manufacturer in Mumbai. The company uses cold drawing for production using certified raw materials. The melted and cooled bars pass through a drawing machine to modify their diameter and length. Finally, they undergo annealing and polishing to suit versatile client needs. The company endeavours to manufacture with strict tolerance levels and ensure corrosion resistance.

Customers can order various types of bright bars in shapes like round and rectangular. The latter is excellent for resisting heat and impact. The typical diameter is 12-50mm. Round bars, on the other hand, are admired for their hardness and versatility.

Stainless steel hex bar & rods exporter in India

Fastening applications frequently use stainless steel hex bars. These hexagonal components can build hex bolts, nuts, valves, etc. Their primary advantage is strength and reliability. Various grades of stainless steel, for instance, 304 and 316, can be used for manufacturing these components.

Jay Jagdamba Limited is also an exporter of stainless steel rods. These are vital in construction, shipbuilding, earth-moving equipment, aerospace, and paper and pulp industries. Both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel gets employed for manufacturing rods. However, the former gets preferred for higher corrosion resistance. Ferritic steels are better at hardness and toughness.

Jay Jagdamba Limited is a genuine manufacturer of ss bright bars in India, take a factory tour

Stainless steel bright bars have rich surface integrity. They can produce automobile components, nuts, bolts, shafts, furniture products, etc. Their application across diverse industrial sectors is impressive, thanks to the strength and durability of stainless steel. Selecting the appropriate grade will help clients acquire bars with strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, or other desired properties.

Jay Jagdamba Limited is in Mumbai. The company has emerged as one of the leading Indian producers of stainless steel bright bars. Industrial clients looking to acquire these components can take a factory tour to assess the manufacturing capacities and process standards.

Check our manufacturing capabilities and size range, buy stainless steel billets at factory price in Mumbai

Stainless steel billets refer to the second-stage product obtained after melting iron ore. They are usually round or square and manufactured via rolling or extrusion. They can also get forged and undergo desired processing. Usually, billets are semi-finished products fashioned into bars, rods, etc. The standard sizes for billets are 100 × 100 mm, 130 × 130 mm, or 160 × 160 mm.

Jay Jagdamba has top-of-the-rung manufacturing capabilities. The company can produce a vast sizing range of billets to cater to different customer needs. These advantages ensure a price advantage for the clients, who can acquire the necessary components at factory prices.

Stainless steel hex bars are available in 304, 304L, 316, 446, 420 grades, check complete price list

Clients can order stainless steel hex bars in different grades. The choice will depend on their requirement and budget. For instance, Grades 304 and 304L contain chromium and nickel for corrosion resistance. The latter has a lower amount of carbon to improve weldability. In contrast, Grade 316 has a higher content of nickel and chromium to resist pitting. It also includes molybdenum and can handle higher temperatures.

You can opt for Grade 446 if you need a ferritic microstructure. This material displays magnetic properties and heat resistance. Type 420 is martensitic and also has good corrosion resistance. This magnetic grade is suitable for applications that demand additional strength.

Whatever you choose, Jay Jagdamba can offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Company Profile
  • Company name:  Jay Jagdamba Limited
  • Location: India
  • Product Range: A well established manufacturer of Round Bars, Billets, and Forging Products
  • Specialized of Bright Bars
  • Material:  Stainless, Carbon, Mild, Alloy Steel, Nickel, duplex and super duplex