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WPHY 52 fittings manufacturer in Mumbai

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Ganpat Metal

Year of establishment 1980
Total export experience (in Years) 25
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Third Party Inspection Yes
Custom Sizes Yes
Custom Packaging Yes
MTC Report Yes
Major clients in the Middle East N/A
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WPHY 52 fittings manufacturer in Mumbai

WPHY 52 fittings

ASTM A860 WPHY 52 pipe elbow

ASTM A860 WPHY 52 pipe elbow

MSS SP - 75 Grade WPHY 52 butt welding fittings

MSS SP – 75 Grade WPHY 52 butt welding fittings

Ganpat Metal is an API-recognised manufacturer of WPHY 52 fittings in Mumbai. Producer of ASTM A 860 WPHY 52 elbow at the best price in India. Mail us for MSS SP 75 WPHY 52 material data sheet.

Supplier of ASTM A860 WPHY 52 pipe elbow in oil and gas industry. According to API 5L specifications.

Industrial sectors like construction, gas distribution, fertilizer production, and oil transportation use WPHY 52 fittings. These components use Wrought Pipe High-Yield material (WPHY) and are regular in high-pressure environments. The chemical composition is high-yield carbon steel with additions of nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, titanium, vanadium and cobalt, among others.

The buttwelding steel fittings under this category can be seamless or electric fusion-welded. Their high tensile strength (between 515 Mpa and 690 Mpa) and corrosion resistance make them attractive to a vast client base. The yield strength of the material is also high at 415 Mpa.

Ganpat Metal is one of the oldest names in this space, with 25 years of export experience. Since 1980, the company has manufactured and delivered these components per best industry practices, including MTC Report and third-party inspection.

WPHY 52 fittings manufacturer in Mumbai

MSS SP – 75 Grade WPHY 52 butt welding fittings are tested on extreme temperature before supply

An ASTM A860 WPHY 52 pipe elbow gets extensively used in offshore oil drilling, petrochemicals, and gas processing. The oil and gas industry utilities stem from its corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and availability in multiple sizes. These elbows usually get installed in installations where the lines must face away from the original direction. They can also reduce the pressure exerted during the flow direction change.

The oil and gas sector relies on ASTM A860 Gr WPHY 52 elbows in butt weld, forged, or seamless varieties. Customers can order various schedules and types of elbows, like long radius, short radius, and reducing. The nominal diameter varies. For instance, welded fittings come in sizes spanning ½ inches to 120 inches.

Supplier of high strength butt weld fittings in India and GCC reason

The company is a significant player in the supply of MSS SP – 75 Grade WPHY 52 butt welding fittings primarily for oil and gas transmission. The specification includes butt welding pipe fittings of carbon and low-alloy steel that can be seamless or welded (electric fusion). These components have an impressive chemical composition: nickel, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, vanadium, carbon, copper, phosphorus, etc. Their metallurgical profile allows them to tolerate extreme environments like high pressure and temperature.

Besides the material, the MSS SP75 grade covers tolerance, testing, and tensile strength. These pipe fittings, sized from NPS 16 to NPS 60, get customarily used in oil transmission, compressors, and other heavy industries.

Ganpat Metal prides itself in thorough testing before delivery to ensure that products meet the specifications and display adequate performance. Thermal Cycle testing or Temperature Cycling helps confirm the response to exposure to severe temperatures. A standard high-temperature or low-temperature tensile test complements it by checking how the fitting withstands adverse conditions. Other destructive and non-destructive testing includes Ultrasonic, Radiography, Hardness, and Impact tests.

30 years old steel forging company in Mumbai manufacturing carbon and low alloy steel welded pipe fittings for oil and gas pipelines worldwide

Buttweld fittings are imperative in industrial piping to change the flow direction or to connect equipment. They are usually manufactured from stainless steel and carbon steel and use the material grades WPHY 42 to WPHY 70. The components often comply with MSS standards for high-pressure piping. Their prime utilities are petrochemicals, food and beverages, and oil transmission. High strength buttweld fittings, like long radius elbows, tees, and reducers (concentric and eccentric), deliver a robust, leak-proof seal. It is due to full penetration and reliable welding. Moreover, since the metal structure remains continuous, the piping system becomes strong and lasts for a long service duration.

Ganpat Metal prioritizes quality for its butt weld fittings and conducts careful analysis to conform to quality and safety standards. These components offer top-notch raw materials, heat treatment, and tamper-proof packing. The company can supply fittings in desired dimensions adhering to the ASME standards. Customers can order several sizes from ½” to 72” – a massive improvement over the size limitations of threaded and socket fittings.

Advantages of carbon and low alloy steel welded pipe fittings

Ganpat Metal manufactures welded pipe fittings from carbon steel and low alloy steel. They have distinct advantages that cater to specific industrial needs.

Low alloy steel welded pipe fittings contain small amounts of chromium (11-18%) and nickel (4%). These additional elements enhance their performance in high-temperature performance and also make them more resistant to corrosion. Elbows, crosses, etc., made with low alloy steel display high yield strength, oxidation resistance, and the ability to tolerate severe temperatures. These coveted qualities make them the preferred choice for the automotive and aerospace sectors, engineering, etc.

Carbon steel welded pipe fittings comprise carbon (up to 1%), iron, and manganese. They also have additional elements for features like deoxidization. These components have superior hardness and are ideal for high pressures. They also resist vibrations and impact. Clients who require fluid transport, hot water radiators, heavy machinery, etc., frequently use these fittings.

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