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ASTM B829 tube suppliers in Mumbai

ASTM B829 tube suppliers in Mumbai

ASTM B829 Seamless Tube

ASTM B829 Seamless Tube

ASTM B829 Alloy 600 Tubing

ASTM B829 Alloy 600 Tubing

The ASTM B829 tubing specification covers seamless pipes and tubes manufactured from nickel and nickel alloys. The B444 UNS N08330 section covers seamless pipes manufactured from nickel, chromium, iron, and silicon.

The most common alloy employed for these tubes is Inconel 625. Its composition is nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and columbium. It also contains trace elements like manganese, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, aluminium, and titanium. Inconel 600 and 601 are also readily used in many commercial applications.

Superheaters and heat exchangers often employ these tubes for their coveted thermal properties. These products also exhibit high strength and corrosion resistance. They are easy to fabricate and join despite their sturdiness.

Selecting the right supplier for your piping needs can help manage project costs and ascertain high-quality performance. ASTM B829 tubing is an excellent solution for industrial installations operating amid abrasive agents and adverse conditions.

Hitesh Steel was founded in 2004. In the previous two decades, the Mumbai-based company has become a reliable supplier of ASTM B829 tubes. It ensures thorough testing of its products, including non-destructive and mechanical tests. Clients can request inspections per their requirements, for instance, impact tests and chemical analysis.

Nickel alloys serve multiple core industries like oil and gas extraction, nuclear power, desalination, and aircraft systems. They are good choices for steam generators due to their resistance to high pressures and temperatures. More applications include paper and pulp processing, desulfurization, and generators.

Get best price from certified Indian ASTM B444 UNS N06625 Tube stockist, available in stock in various sizes

The ASTM B444 UNS N06625 specification refers to Inconel 625. This standard deals with seamless piping. It is available in two grades with different mechanical properties. For instance, the tensile strength for Grade 1 stands at a stunning 827Mpa. The yield strength is 414Mpa. Grade 2 offers 690Mpa and 276Mpa.

Hitesh Steel offers competent prices for these pipes in various sizes per customer requirements. The company has a massive stock of tubing in different sizes to deliver the required components in record time without cutting corners in quality. It is a certified stockist that can cater to diverse needs for high-stress installations.

At Hitesh Steel we stock and supply ASTM B167 UNS N06600 nickel alloy tubing in India

The ASTM B167 UNS N06600 specification covers Inconel 600, a nickel alloy with high-quality performance and strength in adverse conditions. These pipes are integral components in chemical processing industries and pharmaceuticals. An inherent advantage of this nickel alloy is tolerance for elemental sulfur. Corrosion is a frequent and damaging problem in sour wells, but Inconel 600 can help extend the service duration considerably.

Hitesh Steel has an impressive stock of these piping solutions for versatile commercial applications. They can handle high pressure without undergoing deformation. They also sustain a wide temperature range from cryogenic up to 2000 °F.

Buy ASTM B829 Seamless Tube at lowest price in India

ASTM B829 seamless tubes display resistance to precipitation in the grain boundary. This tubing often uses Inconel 601 and is the preferred choice in many industries, including chemical processing, pollution control, power generation, and aerospace. Since they lack the heat-affected zone of welded pipes, they are better fits for severe conditions. They can tolerate carburization and nitriding to a large extent. However, their superior mechanical and metallurgical profile makes them expensive.

Selecting the right supplier for your requirements is crucial for long-term budget planning and system performance. Hitesh Steel promises to deliver its customers the required seamless tubes at the lowest prices in India.

ASTM B829 Alloy 600 / 601 / 625 tubes available in bright annealed surface finish

The ASTM B829 standard of seamless tubes can use various nickel-based alloys. The standard choices are Alloy 600, 601, and 625. The crucial difference lies in their chemical compositions. While Inconel 600 has chromium, Inconel 625 also comprises molybdenum. It makes this material more corrosion-resistant. In the same vein, Alloy 601 ups the content of chromium and also includes aluminium. It helps this material handle higher temperatures and display oxidation resistance.

Hitesh Steel can supply the required piping in a bright annealed surface finish. This finishing uses heat-treating in a furnace. Annealing lends the material a bright appearance by reducing surface oxidation.

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