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Seamless steel tube manufacturer in India

Mumbai, India

Manifold Pipe Solution Inc

Year of establishment 2016
Total export experience (in Years) 6
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Third Party Inspection Yes
Custom Sizes Yes
Custom Packaging Yes
MTC Report Yes
Major clients in the Middle East Gasco
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 18001:2007
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • PED Certified
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Seamless steel tube manufacturer in India

Seamless steel tube

Bright annealed stainless steel tubes

Bright annealed stainless steel tubes

ASME SA213 tp304 tube

ASME SA213 tp304 tube

A seamless tube is made without any welding or joining seams. It is created by piercing a solid steel bar, which is then heated and stretched to form a tube. These tubes come with uniform thickness and an uninterrupted grain pattern, which gives them greater strength and durability compared to welded tubes.

Seamless tubes made of steel are used in various applications, particularly in industries that require high-performance materials to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and corrosion. Manifold Piping Solutions is a top Manufacturer of ss Tubes in India, which is known for its high-quality seamless tubes. The prices here are competitive too.

Bright annealed stainless steel tubes supplier in Gujarat

The purpose of Bright Annealed ss Tubes is that they are used in applications where the material needs to have a high degree of corrosion resistance and a clean, bright surface finish.

They are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech applications, and semiconductor manufacturing. They are widely used in the food and beverage industry as the bright surface finish of the tubes makes them easy to clean and helps prevent contamination. They are also used in medical and dental applications where they need to be highly resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.

Buy ASME SA213 tp304 tube in standard and custom sizes at mill price and save cost up to 20%

TP 304 designation refers to a specific type of alloy called 304 stainless steel. It is one of the most commonly used materials in the production of tubing, pipes, and other components for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. 304 SS is an austenitic stainless steel, and is corrosion-resistant, and has good mechanical properties, like high strength and ductility.

Tubes of SA 213 TP 304 material are typically used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications, in the petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and provide superior performance in corrosive environments. To know about the thickness tolerance and cost of the given material in Mumbai, contact the experts- at Manifold Pipe Solutions.

Manufacturer of EN 10216-5 tube in Gujarat also produce stainless steel high pressure tubing on job work

Precision tubes EN 10216-5-TC1 are seamless tubes that are manufactured with very tight dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements. They are typically used in applications where the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the tube are critical, such as in the medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

High-pressure tubing can withstand high amounts of pressure. It is used to transport liquids and gases. It shows good resistance to corrosion and can withstand high amounts of internal and external pressure.

Manifold Pipe Solutions manufactures high-quality precision tube en 10216-5-tc1 and stainless steel high-pressure tubing at affordable prices. Contact them to customize the tube according to the application requirements.

Compare our price list of stainless steel precision tubes fob price Mumbai with any supplier in India

The features of ss precision tubes are:

  1. They are known for their dimensional accuracy
  2. They come with a smooth surface
  3. They have defined mechanical properties
  4. They possess a large dimensional variety

Due to these features, the precision tubes are used for various applications in industries like shipbuilding, power plants, sugar mills, construction, etc.

The benefits of buying from a reputed supplier in India like Manifold Pipe Solutions are:

  1. You get the best quality products at affordable prices
  2. They are made according to international standards
  3. The products are tested and certified
  4. They are delivered to different parts of the world at a reasonable rate.
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