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Stainless steel hydraulic fittings manufacturer in India

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Stainless steel hydraulic fittings manufacturer in India

Stainless steel hydraulic fittings manufacturer in India

stainless steel pneumatic fittings

stainless steel pneumatic fittings

MS flareless fittings

MS flareless fittings

Hydraulic applications need fittings that permit fluids to interact without inducing leakage. Stainless steel hydraulic fittings connect the hose to the vital components in the application. They can join cylinders, pipes, and tubes. These components get widely used in process lines for transmitting fluids, plumbing, heavy equipment, and oil and gas refineries. The media in question may be water, petroleum-based liquids, or synthetic.

Stainless steel hydraulic fittings get preferred because of their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Fluid-based applications are prone to leakage and safety issues unless the connections are reliable. Choosing high-quality raw material is a significant first step toward maximizing system performance.

Typical fittings for hydraulic applications include elbows, reducers, couplings, adapters, and swivels. They are available in various sizes and dimensions.

DCHEL Piping is a Mumbai-based manufacturer of stainless steel hydraulic fittings. It deals in ISO 6162-1 approved connections for high-quality standards. The ISO 6162-1 specification details internationally accepted guidelines for flange connectors for hydraulic fluid power.

These fittings are available in various shapes, threading, and types of sealing. Stainless steel is an intelligent choice because of its operational temperature range (-425°F to 1200°F). It can also tolerate high pressures up to 10,000 or even 20,000 psi. Although these pipe connections are more expensive than many other options, they are favourable for performance, maintenance, and service life.

Finding a reliable hydraulic fittings manufacturer in India? DCHEL Piping Products is specialized in stainless steel pneumatic fittings and can produce as per the customer drawing

DCHEL Piping is a renowned manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings. The latter connect pipe sections and hoses in pressurized gas systems. They require even tighter sealing than hydraulic fittings, even though the pressure conditions are less severe. Chemical and petrochemical industries utilize stainless steel pneumatic fittings regularly for durable performance. They also lend corrosion resistance and can work at higher temperatures.

The company supplies fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic systems per industry standards. Customers can also order customized products by sharing a drawing detailing the design, dimensions, etc. Producing bespoke components tailored to specific needs is a hallmark of DCHEL.

Stocking large inventory of hydraulic coupling and swivel fittings in Mumbai

Hydraulic coupling is common to drive inertia devices with motors. The power gets transferred between the driver and the machine through a fluid, thus generating acceleration. Hydraulic coupling is popular in conveyor belts, ventilators, and rail transportation. The smooth torque transfer lowers the risk of damage.

DCHEL Piping also stocks swivel fittings for hydraulic applications. These components protect the hose from twisting while allowing the connection to rotate 360 degrees. These fittings help reduce damage risk by lowering the torque generated by movement. They are essential in automotive, material handling, and power generation.

MS flareless fittings and hydraulic male stud coupling for pneumatic connection

Medium- to high-pressure applications use MS hydraulic fittings for connecting components. These fittings have three main parts: a body, a sleeve, and a nut. The sleeve crimps into the outer area of the pipe upon connecting the body and the nut. Clients in aerospace often use these strong, durable, and versatile connections.

DCHEL Piping supplies hydraulic male stud coupling to connect tubes or hoses. In these couplings, the tapered surface of the fitting goes into the hole in the flanges. Thus, a space forms between the stud and the walls, where a wedge gets fitted. This connection approach is sturdy and suitable for sensitive sectors like petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Automobile industries also use these fittings for building reliable, long-lasting connections.

MIL-STD-1514 fittings and stainless steel 316 hydraulic compression fittings manufacturer in Mumbai

Military-standard fittings get coveted by industries like aerospace. These components adhere to stringent product specifications. MIL-STD-1514 fittings comprise commercial items for hydraulic and pneumatic applications working under high temperatures and elevated pressures. These durable connections can tolerate over 3000 psi. DCHEL Piping can supply military-standard fittings to ensure compatibility and security for the application.

Customers can also source stainless steel 316 hydraulic compression fittings from this company. These components use stainless steel 316 – a superior material that includes molybdenum (2 to 3 per cent). It lends corrosion resistance and enhanced mechanical properties for longer service life.

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