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Natural Steels

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304 stainless steel weld fittings manufacturer in Mumbai

304 stainless steel weld fittings

Stainless steel butt weld fittings

Stainless steel butt weld fittings

Stainless steel concentric reducer

Stainless steel concentric reducer

Many industries exposed to severe temperatures and corrosive media use stainless steel components. Grade 304 stainless steel weld fittings can deliver a robust and leak-tight seal because of the strength and stability of the material. Moreover, these fittings use reliable welding techniques and full penetration to create a continuous metal structure. Using these fittings ensures lower maintenance costs and long service life.

Grade 304 is one of the most popular grades of stainless steel. It exhibits good tensile strength and general corrosion resistance. This austenitic alloy has a mid-range amount of carbon. It undergoes treatment with ferric carbide (nonmagnetic solution) to attain superior metallurgical properties. These products are also suitable for adverse conditions like elevated temperatures.

The most common uses of these fittings are in petrochemicals, power generation, pharmaceuticals, the pulp and paper industry, and chemical equipment. They are also advantageous in heat exchangers and condensers due to their convenient thermal properties and heat tolerance.

Using 304 stainless steel weld fittings comes with many advantages. These components are sturdy, resilient, and low in maintenance. They offer excellent resistance to carburizing and reducing atmospheres. It makes them apt for general corrosion resistance. Natural Steels is a Mumbai-based manufacturer catering to industrial demands for durable, rust-proof fittings.

While selecting a manufacturer for your commercial needs, looking for reliable testing and quality standards is paramount. For instance, clients can request a Raw Materials Certificate and a Radiography Test Report with a Mill Test Certificate or MTC.

Manfacturer of stainless steel butt weld fittings in India, produce ss concentric reducer in custom sizes as per the drawing

Buttweld fittings change the direction of fluid flow in industrial piping and process lines. Stainless steel butt weld fittings comply with international standards for high-pressure piping. These components get widely used in core industries like food and beverages, petrochemicals, and oil refineries. Buttweld fittings can be of multiple types, including elbows, tees, and reducers.

Natural Steels also produces stainless steel concentric reducers. They join piping sections of varying diameters symmetrically. This cone-shaped component reduces the pipe at the centre to adjust the flow in the tubing. Customers can order SS concentric reducers in customized sizes by sharing the drawing with the company.

Manufacturing stainless steel concentric reducer, elbow, & pipe tee as per ansi b16 9

ANSI B16 9 is an internationally accepted standard for laying down the dimensions and tolerances for butt weld fittings. Natural Steels manufactures various stainless steel fittings adhering to this specification. Besides concentric reducers, customers can also order high-quality and durable elbows and pipe tees.

Elbows are integral pipe fittings that change the direction of fluid flow in the piping. Based on the curvature, these components get manufactured in degrees like 90, 45, and 180.

Stainless steel tees are regular components to distribute fluids in separate directions. Textiles, petroleum, wastewater treatment, etc., use tees at 90° to the main line. These T-shaped fittings can get measured by the centre-to-end distance.

Buy ss buttweld fittings at factory price in Mumbai

Buttweld fittings can serve many purposes: attach to equipment, branch off, reduce the pipe size, etc. They involve a complicated welding process with no scope for error. These fittings require cutting and heating seamless piping into the desired form. The core mechanism is welding two pipes of the same diameters end to end, hence the name.

The applications of SS buttweld fittings span industries from gas processing and pharmaceuticals to seawater equipment. Natural Steels ensures you can obtain the desired components at factory prices. It makes a sensible buying decision for large-scale projects.

Natural Steels can produce stainless steel pipe weld fittings in exact dimensions as per the drawing

Stainless steel pipe weld fittings get employed by numerous sectors, including off-shore oil drilling companies. The standard sizes range from 1” to 36”. You can order them from Schedule 10 to 160, much the same way as piping.

However, Natural Steels can supply bespoke fittings tailored to customer needs. Clients can share drawings to order components in the required dimensions. The diagram should mention the diameter, nominal pipe size, schedule, length, etc. A complete and accurate picture will help the company match the ID or the inner diameter of the pipe with the fitting.

The availability of customized dimensions helps you meet unique needs without expending additional money or effort.

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