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Stainless steel coupling manufacturer in Mumbai

Stainless steel coupling manufacturer in Mumbai

316 stainless steel threaded coupling

316 stainless steel threaded coupling

SS socket weld coupling

SS socket weld coupling

Exporter of stainless steel 304 full & half coupling as per ASME B16.11, check ss socket weld fittings price in India

A ss coupling is a mechanical component used to connect two shafts together. It allows for the transmission of power and motion between them. It is typically made of ss, a corrosion-resistant alloy that can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures.

They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used in a wide range of applications, including machinery, pumps, motors, and other industrial equipment.

These are designed to provide a strong, reliable connection between two shafts while also allowing for some degree of flexibility to accommodate misalignment or movement between the shafts. They may be simple in design, such as a rigid coupling that connects two shafts directly, or more complex, such as a flexible coupling that uses an elastic element to provide a cushioned connection between the shafts.

Uday Steel, a renowned manufacturer of ss coupling in Mumbai, manufactures products with the following advantages:

  1. They show good corrosion resistance which helps extend the lifespan of the product.
  2. It helps with the transmission of high levels of torque and power.
  3. The strength and durability of the material help prevent damage to the coupling during operation.
  4. They can withstand high-temperature conditions without losing their strength or becoming brittle.
  5. They have a modern and sleek appearance, which is why they are used in visible or on-display applications.
  6. The couplings are very flexible which helps prevent damage and reduce the need for maintenance or repairs.

Uday Steel is a well-known manufacturer of stainless steel coupling. Contact them to get the size details and price list as per your requirements.

316 stainless steel threaded coupling and socket weld coupling in class 3000

A full coupling connects two shafts end-to-end, providing a rigid connection between them. It is typically used in applications where precise alignment between the shafts is required.

A half coupling only connects to one end of a shaft, leaving the other end exposed. It is typically used in applications where only a partial shaft connection is required, such as when connecting to a motor or pump.

If you are searching for a reputed and reliable exporter of full & half coupling made of ss 304 material as per international standards. You can check the exact socket weld fittings price in India by contacting Uday Steel.

  1. Threaded couplings are connected to the pipe by screwing them onto the threaded end of the pipe. Socket weld couplings, on the other hand, are welded directly onto the pipe using a socket weld connection.
  2. Socket welds typically provide a stronger joint than threaded ones.
  3. Installing a threaded variant typically requires less skill and equipment than installing a socket weld variant.
  4. Threaded couplings are generally available in smaller sizes than socket weld couplings.
  5. Both threaded and socket weld variants can be made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as various grades of stainless steel.

Uday Steel offers threaded coupling and socket weld coupling made of 316 grade ss in various pressure classes.

Manufacturer of stainless steel forged fittings in India, ASTM A182 GR F304 npt coupling & 2 inch threaded coupling as per ASME B16.11

NPT or National Pipe Taper coupling is a threaded coupling used to connect two pipes together. They are commonly used in plumbing, gas, and fluid transfer applications. The thread here has a tapered shape, which means the diameter of the thread increases or decreases gradually along the length of the thread.

NPT couplings typically have a male and a female end, with one end threaded externally and the other internally. The male end is inserted into the female end and screwed in place, creating a secure and leak-tight connection.

Uday Steel is a manufacturer of ss forged fittings in India. You can also get other products here, like npt coupling & threaded coupling in various sizes as per the given standards. Contact them to get price quotes.

ASTM A182 GR F316 hex coupling and threaded half coupling exporter in India
  1. ASTM A182 GR F316 material contains a higher percentage of molybdenum than F304, which gives it improved corrosion resistance in chloride environments. F304 is more resistant to oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid.
  2. F316 has a higher tensile strength than F304, which makes it better suited for high-pressure applications.
  3. F316 has a higher operating temperature range than F304, making it better suited for high-temperature applications.
  4. F316 is typically more expensive than F304 due to its higher content of molybdenum and other alloying elements.

If you want to contact a reliable exporter of hex coupling and threaded half coupling of 304 grade ss material in India, go for Uday Steel.

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