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Year of establishment 2002
Total export experience (in Years) 20
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Third Party Inspection Yes
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MTC Report Yes
Major clients in the Middle East Oil Marine Intl, QAPCO
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nickel alloy bolts and nuts

Nickel alloy bolts and nuts

super duplex fasteners

Super duplex fasteners

nickel alloy pipe fittings

Nickel alloy pipe fittings

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Nickel alloy flanges

nickel elbow

Nickel elbow

Nickel alloy plate stockist in India

Nickel alloy plate

A plate made of nickel alloy is a type of flat metal sheet manufactured from a combination of nickel and other elements. The exact composition of the alloy depends on the specific application and desired properties, but commonly added elements include chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, iron, copper, and others.

These nickel alloy plate offer several benefits over pure nickel, including increased strength, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and improved thermal and electrical conductivity. These properties make plates made with nickel alloy material ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, power generation, and medical equipment.

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes is a top Nickel alloy plate stockist in India. They have high-quality nickel plates available at an affordable price and the dimensions can be easily customized according to specific application requirements.

Extensive stock of exotic alloys, high temp metals, corrosion resistance metals and duplex stainless steel in Mumbai

Exotic alloys are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion.

High temp metals are metals that are able to maintain their strength and integrity at high temperatures, typically above 500°C (932°F). These metals are able to resist oxidation and corrosion at elevated temperatures.

Corrosion-resistant metals are specifically designed to withstand corrosion and oxidation in harsh environments.

Duplex is a type of stainless steel that is composed of a two-phase microstructure, which consists of both austenitic and ferritic grains. This unique structure gives duplex ss its characteristic combination of high strength and corrosion resistance, making it particularly well-suited for use in harsh or demanding environments.

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes has a huge stock of exotic alloys. They also offer metals that show good performance in high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and other harsh environments. There, you can get Duplex steel products at the best price in Mumbai.

Ped approved manufacturer of super duplex fasteners and nickel alloy bolts and nuts

Nickel alloys are used in a wide range of applications due to their unique combination of properties, such as excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and good mechanical properties. Some common uses of nickel alloy fasteners include:

  1. Aerospace: Nickel alloys are used in jet engines, turbine blades, and other high-temperature components due to their high strength and excellent resistance to oxidation.
  2. Chemical processing: They are used here due to their resistance to corrosion from harsh chemicals.
  3. Oil and gas: Nickel alloys are used in oil and gas exploration and production equipment, such as downhole tubing and wellhead components, due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, and resistance to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) cracking.

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes is a manufacturer of super duplex bolts and nuts and nickel alloy fasteners in India. They provide high-quality nickel fasteners which can be used in various critical applications.

Over 20 years of experience as a supplier of high nickel based alloys like Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel in Arab countries, check our old and regular clients in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Inconel is a family of nickel-chromium-based superalloys that are known for their excellent resistance to high temperatures, oxidation, and corrosion. They are used in a variety of high-temperature applications, such as gas turbine components, furnace components, and heat exchangers.

Hastelloy is a family of nickel-chromium-molybdenum-based superalloys that are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and high-temperature strength. They are used in a variety of chemical processing applications, such as reactors, heat exchangers, and piping systems.

Monel is a family of nickel-copper alloys that are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion from seawater and other harsh environments. They are used in a variety of marine and offshore applications, such as pumps, valves, and propeller shafts.

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes has more than 20 years of experience as a supplier of good-quality nickel-based alloys in Arab Countries. This would include materials like Inconel, Hastelloy, and Monel. You can see that they have old and regular clients in different Middle East countries like Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Offer special distributor price of nickel alloy piping products for traders and stockists in middle east and African countries

Nickel is generally stronger than copper. Nickel has a higher tensile strength and yield strength than copper, which means that it can withstand greater mechanical stresses before it deforms or breaks.

However, it’s important to note that the mechanical properties of nickel and copper can vary depending on the specific alloy and processing conditions. Additionally, copper has other desirable properties, such as excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which make it well-suited for certain applications, despite its lower strength compared to nickel.

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes offer nickel alloy piping products at a special discounted price in the Middle East and African countries. So, if you are looking for high-quality products, give this company a try.

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Nature of Business Manufacturer
Import Export Code (IEC) 0305040979
Legal Status of firm Proprietor
Our Clients in Middle East
  • Oman Oil Refineries And Petroleum Industries Company – Oman
  • Oil Marine Intl. – UAE
  • Nakilat – Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd – Qatar
  • Larsen & Toubro Electromech Llc – Oman
  • Arab Shipbuilding And Repair Yard Company – Bahrain
  • Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) Q.p.j.s.c.- Qatar
  • Abu Dhabi Ship Buildin – UAE


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