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Multi Alloys International

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Copper coil tubing manufacturer in India

Copper coil tubing

Soft copper pancake coil

Soft copper pancake coil

Spiral copper tube

Spiral copper tube

Copper is a durable, versatile, and cost-effective material frequently used in industrial applications. Copper coil tubing refers to tubes or components that use copper for transmitting liquids and gases. This material also has better electrical conductivity than many other metals. It gets regularly used in heat exchangers, gas pipes, and chemical industries.

This tubing often gets delivered with a phosphorus deoxidization finish. It helps remove porosity and can reduce the percentage of copper oxide. It lends the material enhanced bending and weldability.

A significant advantage of these tubes is their straightforward and economical installation. Soft copper tubing can often get connected via compression fittings. Other options are soldering for water lines and plumbing setups, welding, and brazing. The latter gets preferred for air-conditioning, refrigeration, and environments involving high stress or severe service temperatures.

Clients in the business of transporting gases and liquids demand corrosion-resistant, durable products. Copper coil tubing is renowned for its high thermal conductivity, strength, and resistance to different types of corrosion. It adapts beautifully to industries like air conditioning, solar thermal plants, plumbing, and piping for gases and water.

Multi Alloys International, set up in 2007, is a prominent manufacturer of copper coil tubing, catering to clients in different industrial sectors. It encompasses high-quality production and thorough testing to satisfy customers and maintain long-term relationships with partners. You can request products in varying outer diameters and lengths.

Looking for 15mm copper pipe coil? Soft copper pancake coil exporter in India

Due to its superior mechanical properties, a 15mm copper pipe coil has domestic and commercial applications. It is sturdy, needs little support after installation, and offers bending, if required. Multi Alloys International can help you with 15mm copper pipe coils for air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing installations, and gas transport. While the outside diameter is 15mm, the wall thickness is generally 0.7mm. The nominal inside diameter is 13.6mm.

Multi Alloys is also a well-known name in soft copper pancake coils. These bendable products offer excellent resistance to pitting corrosion and get delivered in annealed form. Typical applications of these coils include fire protection, transport for natural gas, and vent piping. The firm has developed an impressive export clientele, delivering products to Canada, Iran, Israel, Russia, and Sudan.

Supplier of spiral copper tube and soft coil copper tubing in Mumbai

A spiral copper tube is popular in heat exchangers to make optimum use of space while maximizing heat transfer. This design can boost convection, airflow, and overall performance. Arranging the coil spirally (or even helically) is possible because of the smooth bending of copper. This approach maximizes the available space in a 2D design.

Copper coils can be soft or hard based on the temper they undergo. Soft coil copper tubing refers to an anneal temper. You can connect these products with compression fittings, making their installation quick and uncomplicated. Multi Alloys International prioritizes damage-free and contamination-proof delivery of copper coils.

Level wound copper tube and copper tube coil heat exchanger for the air conditioning industry

The air conditioning industry is a sizable consumer of copper coils and tubing. A level wound copper tube is a standard component in HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). It refers to a continuous tube wound tightly in several layers. Generally, the winding is tight. These tubes are available in multiple sizes and weights. Clients can also choose their tempers based on the severity of the application environment.

Many companies in the cooling space use copper tube coil heat exchangers for transferring heat between the source and the fluid in question (in this case, a refrigerant). Deoxidized copper, which ranks higher in thermal conductivity than many other alternatives, is the perfect choice for heat exchangers.

Copper pancake coil and soft copper refrigeration coil tubing in rigid lengths with Ultrasonic Test, MT and VT

Customers looking for installation options that display good bending often choose copper pancake coils. They offer excellent bending and resistance to pitting corrosion. The company can also supply soft copper refrigeration coil tubing with a quick turnaround.

Adhering to strict and rigid lengths is paramount during production to match the application requirements. Multi Alloys International conducts NDT methods or Non-Destructive Testing to ensure adherence to customer specifications. It also keeps defects at bay. The standard techniques include Ultrasonic Tests with high-frequency sound waves, VT or Visual Testing, and MT or Magnetic Particle Testing. While VT uses the naked eye or tools to identify defects, MT employs a magnetic liquid or powder to recognize inconsistencies.

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