Long Radius Elbow

Long Radius Elbow

What is long radius elbow?

These fittings are designed to create a lower pressure drop and give less frictional resistance to the fluid in a piping system as compared to a short elbow.

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When to use stainless steel long radius elbow?

The walls of Schedule 40 Long Radius Elbow are constructed thinner. Hence these fittings are suited to applications where the fluid pressure in the piping system remains relatively low.

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How to calculate LR elbow centre formula?

The formula for a long radius centre is as follows –

  • 1.1/2 x Nominal Pipe Size in NPS

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What is the radius size for crabon steel long radius elbow?

The radius of curvature for a carbon steel Long Radius Elbow is 1.5 times the nominal diameter.

Check ANSI/ ASME B16.9 long radius elbow dimensions and elbow 90 LR SCH 40 weight chart in Schedule 20 to 180

How to measure elbow 45 deg LR?

  • One can measure a Buttweld Elbow 45 Deg LR by using the following formula –
  • Elbow length in mm = Tan(Elbow Angle/2) X Elbow Radius in mm
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Surface area of long radius 90 degree elbow

The surface area of a can be calculated using the formula below –

  • π2Rr.
  • Where –
  • R is the major radius of the fitting
  • r is the minor radius of the fitting