Magnesium plate

magnesium plate

What is magnesium plate ?

A magnesium steel is also known as magnesia and has outstanding versatility. The magnesium plate has a higher magnesium content with carbon, silicon, and phosphorous content. The plates have superior impact strength and resistance to abrasion. A magnesium alloy plate is a work hardening steel that is low alloy grade and has good corrosion resistance properties. The plates are very ductile and tough. The magnesium alloy az31 plate is an austenitic grade that is work hardened rapidly. The plates can be cut using plasma, water jet, oxy-acetylene, or laser methods. The az31b magnesium alloy plate is non-magnetic in nature and is designed with the toughest standards. The plates have extended service life in different conditions. A magnesium plate az31 can be welded to keep the heat down and cool the weld as soon as possible. This helps avoid cracking of the plate after welding.

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Magnesium Plate Specification

Magnesium Plate Properties

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Why are ships coated with magnesium?

The coating of magnesium acts as a corrosive resistant coat. The magnesium acts as a sacrificial anode as the metal is protected from corrosion.


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Why is magnesium sheet not used as a base metal in aircraft?

The magnesium alloy steel sheet is susceptible to corrosion at high altitudes making it not well suited for aircraft.


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Magnesium vs aluminum

An aluminum grade has better corrosion resistance and is cheaper compared to magnesium. A magnesium sheet az31 is lighter and more robust than aluminum. Aluminum is commonly used in the construction material across the aircraft industry. A magnesium etching plate is a feature in defense parts, the marine industry, and lightweight seats and laptops.


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Is magnesium alloy plate magnetic?

The magnesium plate is non-magnetic in nature. The plate doesn’t have any unpaired electrons in the outer shell. Magnetism is created with at least one unpaired electron in its outer shell.


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what is magnesium plate thickness ?

The magnesium steel plate is designed in thicknesses between 35mm to 150mm. These plates are available in lengths between 3000mm to 18000mm with widths between 1000mm to 4500mm. Magnesium engraving plates have a minimum tensile strength of 136ksi with a minimum yield strength of 51ksi. The plates have a hardness between 220 to 540 bhn. The magnesium plate price starts at $2.32 per kg. The price of the plates varies based on their size, thickness, and customization. The magnesium plate suppliers supply the plate in different sizes, shapes, and requirements to meet all customer requirements. The magnesium sheet metal suppliers supply the sheets in rolled, normalized rolled., furnace normalizing, etc.


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