Male connector

Male connector

What is male connector?

A bolt with the threads on the outside that joins with a female nut connector to connect a piping system is known as a male connector. These are the most basic pipe fittings that helps to join two pipes. The sealing on the male adapter is located at its tip, while that of a female is located at its base. The male connector NPT can have both convex and concave flares. They are made of different types of materials depending on the application requirements and are available in different sizes as well. It is essential to customize the dimensions of the male connector tube fittings and choose its female counterpart properly, or it can cause ill fitting which can lead to a leakage. It generally means that the male and female fitting should be a match of concave or convex.

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What is Tube To Male Connector?

A tube to male connector is a type of tube fitting that is used as a connector between two tubings and equipment. They can help to connect pressure vessels and also valves, pipes, and different types of piping components. Some of the applications prefer using tube male connector bulkheads for panel holes. The ferrule male connector is capable of withstanding high pressure and they can be used in various high strength applications.

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What is instrumentation male connector?

The instrumentation male connectors can be described as double ferrule fittings, which offers torque-free and leakage proof sealing for the tubing connections. They are highly relied upon for their safety as they potentially eliminate the chance of hazardous fluid leakages for various processes in a piping system. They can also be used in pressure piping and hydraulic systems.

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Features of compression male connector

The features of compression male adapter are:

  • They have double ferrule swaging action.
  • The material construction follows ASTM standards.
  • The raw materials with which they are manufactured are of good quality.
  • They have high temperature resistance.
  • They can withstand various high pressure situations.
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What is NPT male connector?

The NPT male connectors are one of the most popular types of seals that are used in various pressure calibration systems throughout the US and Canada. They come with a tapered thread which wedges to the female NPT adapter. The male connector NPT should never bottom out in the assembly- only hand assembling should be done. It should be screwed partly before jamming.

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Is BSP thread tapered or straight?

There are two types of BSP threads namely BSPP and BSPT. While the female BSPP thread refers to parallel or straight threads, the male BSPT thread refers to the tapered thread.