Malleable Iron Fittings

Malleable Iron Fittings

What are Malleable Iron Fittings?

The malleability of a metal is its physical property that tells how much metal can be deformed and how easy to do so is. Malleable Iron Fittings are made in a particular type of iron that is malleable. The difference is that it could be used for applications that require soft metal or metal that has to be flexible. The Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings can be used in piping to make sure that the metal pipes are not damaged. In case of tension, the pipe fitting will get damaged instead of damaging the pipes, saving the pipes to be replaced.

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Malleable Iron Fittings Specification

What is the pressure rating of class 150 malleable iron pipe fittings?

The class 150 material is meant for low-pressure applications only. The class number 150 means that the Black Malleable Pipe Fittings can withstand a pressure ranging up to 150 psi. Even when the malleable fitting have higher pressure ratings, they still could only withstand high pressure but are highly flexible to absorb the shock first.

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Can you weld malleable iron elbow?

A malleable Elbow is used to connect two pipes to change the direction of the piping at 90 degrees angle. It is not advisable to weld on any of these Malleable Fittings. These are highly susceptible to welding damage. The fitting come in different sizes, usually up to 4 inches in diameter. Sizes up to 6 inches are also available.

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Difference between malleable iron and cast iron fittings?

Cast iron fittings are made through a process called casting. Casting involves smelting the iron in a furnace under high temperatures and the physical properties of the fitting change. The ductility of the Black Malleable Pipe Fittings is higher than that of the cast iron fittings. Although the malleable fittings are made from cast iron fittings, the difference is that they are heat treated to improve ductility. The Malleable Steel Fittings have high ductility and they undergo the annealing process to get a higher level of ductility. Since these two are two separate things, you will never get something as a “ Black Malleable Cast Iron”. But you will hear the term and what they mean is actually the annealed cast iron that has become the malleable iron.

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Difference between malleable iron and forged iron pipe fittings?

The Malleable Elbow and other fitting are made for light-pressure applications. The forged iron fittings are made for high-pressure applications. The metallic composition also differs for these two types. The forged iron fittings are made up of carbon steel, nickel alloy, or stainless steel types. A105 is a common standard steel used for forged iron fittings. While the malleable EN 10242 Pipe Fittings are rated lower than 300 psi pressure, the forged iron fittings can go up to 9000 psi.

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Why is class 300 malleable iron threaded fittings sometimes used for steel buttweld fittings?

When the malleable DIN 2950 Fittings have to be fitted into a system through welding, the buttweld fittings are better. They have beveled edges and can have a full penetration buttweld. After welding, the pipe system has a smooth flow. Since the malleable iron can easily break, the highest pressure rating, #300 is used for welding. The buttweld fittings have To increase the stability and corrosion resistance of the ferrite ASTM A197 Fittings galvanizing is sometimes added. This method provides extra strength and lifetime to the fittings so that the fitting last longer than normal. The Galvanized Malleable Iron Fittings can be used in applications that require a little bit more corrosion resistance where the ordinary malleable iron fittings won’t stand well.