Maraging steel fasteners

Maraging Steel Fasteners

What are maraging steel fasteners?

A maraging steel fastener is a high strength steel that has increased toughness. These Maraging Steel Fasteners are employed to connect different equipment easily. These fasteners belong to the martensite grade of stainless steel. The Vascomax 350 Heavy Hex Bolts vary from other steel as they can be hardened by the process of intermetallic precipitation. These bolts require a Maraging 350 Heavy Hex Nut to fasten them. These nuts increase the clamping force and prevent any movement. The versatile 300m Maraging Steel Socket Head Cap Screws have good mechanical properties and tolerances.

Maraging Steel Fasteners Specifications

Maraging Steel Fasteners Properties

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What are maraging steel bolts used for?

The maraging steel bolts have outstanding resistance to fracture and cracking in the system. Maraging Steel Bolts are a feature in military tanks, automotive shafts, airplane gears, and transmission devices.

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Is maraging 300 hex bolts malleable?

The Maraging 300 hex bolt is designed with low carbon and rich nickel alloys. This gives the Maraging 300 Hex Bolts enhanced malleability and a sturdy microstructure. These features give them superior workability and performance.

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How are vascomax studs heat treated?

The Vascomax studs can be solution annealed to meet the correct specifications. Vascomax Studs are annealed at temperatures between 1500 to 1525 degrees F for 1 hour. After finish machining, the Vascomax C300 Screws can be aged at temperatures between 980 to 1000 degrees F for 6 hours.

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Why is maraging 250 stud bolts so expensive?

The Maraging 250 stud bolts are designed by heating them at the austenite phase, followed by slow cooling. Maraging 250 Stud Bolts cobalt; and higher alloy content make it very expensive.

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Will maraging steel 300 threaded rod rust?

The maraging 300 threaded rods are designed with chromium, nickel and strengthened with cobalt and other alloys. The content in the Maraging Steel 300 Threaded Rod gives them good resistance to corrosive and harsh environments. However, when exposed to toxic affluents for prolonged periods, they rust and deteriorate.