Maraging steel plate

maraging steel plate

What is maraging steel plate?

Maraging steel is a high strength steel that has outstanding toughness. The maraging steel plate is a low carbon steel that has good strength alongside toughness. It is also called the aging of martensite, the common hard microstructure found in steels. The maraging steel round plate doesn’t lose its ductility. Here the plates have different heat treatment procedures. The plates derive their strength from the precipitation of the intermetallic compounds.

The maraging steel plate has primary components of nickel with other alloying elements like cobalt, molybdenum, titanium, and other alloys. The 18 ni maraging steel plate is austenitic and has good corrosion resistance due to its superior chemical content. The versatile AMS 6512 sheet resists stress corrosion and is tolerant to hydrogen embrittlement. The corrosion resistance of these plates can be increased by phosphating or cadmium plating.

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Maraging Steel Plate Specification

Maraging Steel Plate Properties

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Is maraging steel sheet easily machinable ?

The maraging steel sheet has a lower content of carbon, less than 0.03%. This gives the maraging steel sheet good machinability.


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What properties make maraging c250 plate suitable for aerospace applications?

The maraging c250 plate is an ultra high strength age-hardenable alloy grade. The maraging c250 plate is readily machined and pre-aged, having enhanced resistance to crack propagation. The vascomax 250 steel plate has an excellent chemical composition that gives it good tolerance in harsh environments. The robust astm a538 maraging steel 250 sheet has an ultimate tensile strength of 1758mpa with a minimum yield strength of 1724mpa. This allows the maraging c200 plate to be a good choice in the aerospace industry.


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Can you weld a maraging c200 plate ?

The maraging c200 plate is demonstrated to have good weldability using different welding methods.


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What is heat treatment for the maraging steel plate ?

A maraging steel plate is heat treated at temperatures between 480 to 500 degrees c for several hours. The uns k92890 plate has a fine dispersion of hard precipitates within the soft martensite matrix. The heat treatment procedure helps increase the strength and toughness of the grade.


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What is maraging steel plate grades ?

Maraging steel is designed in grades 200, 250, 300, and 350.


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