Mechanical Lugs

Mechanical Lugs

What is mechanical lugs?

A heavy duty lug that are mostly used in applications which involves electrical or construction work is known as Mechanical lugs. They have a versatile design and thus can accommodate a wide range of connectors. These are also known as electric lugs and used for large cables and wires. The Non-Insulated and Insulated mechanical lugs can be made of different materials like aluminum and copper. Their dimensions are customizable as per the client requirements and they generally possess high strength. Mechanical terminal lugs are usually electro-plated to minimize contact resistance and enhance corrosion protection. They come with slotted screws which helps with easy installation. These lugs are very durable and have high conductivity. They are a great choice to be used in grounding conductors.

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What does a mechanical lug do?

Mechanical cable lugs are basically heavy-duty lugs that are used in a wide range of construction and electrical applications. They help to connect larger wires and cables, and are better suited for more rigid conductors. These lugs are specially designed to be used in various LV and MV applications.

Insulated mechanical lugs and Double mechanical lug are manufactured to ensure both maximum strength and conductivity.

How do you install mechanical lugs?

The following steps can be performed to install Mechanical wire lugs:

  • The wire or cable should be inserted into the lug’s barrel.
  • Make sure that the lug’s palm is oriented towards the equipment’s terminal to which the connection is made.
  • Next, suitable crimping dies or tools should be chosen to ensure that the joints are mechanically strong. It is also essential to ensure that the crimping series is proper.
  • The surface of the connection should be cleaned so as to avoid any corrosion or resistance.
  • Appropriate nuts, bolts, washers, etc., should be used to ensure a firm and seamless electric conductivity.

Mechanical terminal lugs and lug terminal are designed for use in LV and MV applications.

What is the Mechanical Lug temperature rating?

The temperature rating of the Double mechanical lug can be understood from its marking. For example, the lugs with AL7CU marking indicates that the lug is intended for use with 75 degrees C conductors. Similarly, the AL9CU marking on the Double barrel mechanical lugs indicates that they are ideal for use with 90 degrees C conductors.

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What is done to prevent oxidation and corrosion of aluminum mechanical ground lug?

The Mechanical ground lug made of aluminum can be electro-plated so as to prevent corrosion. The protective layer helps the Square d mechanical lugs to withstand corrosion causing environments. If possible, the lugs should be kept in a climate-controlled environment, away from humidity or other natural elements to reduce oxidation.

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Which tests should be done before using mechanical lug terminal?

Simple tests like mechanical test for testing the clamping parts, testing the tensile load capacity, connection strength testing, etc., should be done on the Mechanical lug terminal before they are used.