Metallic Gaskets

Metallic Gaskets

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What Is Metallic Gasket?

Piping systems utilize gaskets to seal connecting flanges to prevent leakages, no matter the operating conditions. Metallic gaskets are a durable (but costly) type used in high-pressure, high-temperature and chemical applications. A well-known variety is the metallic ring joint gaskets (RTJ gasket), most useful in conditions that other materials cannot withstand. These are the petrochemical industry, oil-field drilling, and other piping assemblies. A metal gaskets is cut out from a metallic gasket sheet. Some common raw materials used are stainless steel, copper, cast steel, Monel, Inconel and brass.

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Why Flex Metallic Gasket Is Used?

Gaskets are primarily of three types based on their build material – metallic, non-metallic and composite. The prime difference between a non-metallic and metallic flange gasket can be figured out from this itself. The most common raw materials for metal gaskets are stainless steel, copper, Monel, Inconel etc. Non-metallic gaskets are instead made from biaxially oriented FTPE, Mica sheet, ceramic fibre and flexible graphite sheet, and such. A major difference is that non-metallic gaskets are used in pipe flanges, compressors, heat exchangers and other low-pressure applications. These cannot withstand the temperatures or pressure that a high-temperature metallic gasket can.

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How To Make Spiral Metallic Gasket?

A spiral metal gasket is a commonly used semi-metallic gasket. The main components in it are the inner and outer rings, filler material (soft element) and winding material (metal). A spiral metallic gaskets is manufactured by winding the filler and winding materials alternatively over the inner ring. Depending on the application, material cost and other factors, the materials are selected. Thanks to this construction, these are used in a variety of cases where regular solid gaskets fail. The filler provides excellent sealing, while the winding metal imparts strength to the structure.

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Difference Between Non Metallic And Metallic Gasket?

Gaskets are of different types since not all applications are the same. And those involving corrosive elements, high-temperature and pressure conditions demand a flex metallic gasket. Commonly known as a spiral wound metallic gaskets, it is used for its structural strength and efficient sealing capabilities. It is highly resistant to various conditions in which other forms of gaskets are not suitable. The choice of the metal and filler material depends on where the gasket is to be utilized. Among the most renowned in the industry are Garlock metallic gaskets, available in custom sizes to handle the toughest situations.

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Beneficial Features of Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket

Using a spiral wound gaskets for a suitable application has various advantages. These are:

  • A metallic spiral wound gaskets is particularly known for its better sealing, leak prevention, resistance against environmental contaminants, and so on.
  • It can handle higher temperatures, higher pressure and other corrosive environments.
  • It is suitable for different work conditions due to its design and structure. And the combination of different fillers and winding materials makes them even more utilitarian.
  • The robust nature of these gaskets helps avoid downtime, gear failure and such undesirable scenarios.

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