Mild steel circle

Mild steel circle

How can a buyer select origin-specific mild steel circle on

It is vital to confirm the origin of the industrial material or product before acquiring it. A mild steel circle has immense applications in building and manufacturing. Customers covet this material for its performance, corrosion resistance, and versatility. These products can get traced to various origins, like Indian, Japanese, and European. lets buyers access trustable suppliers of circles with reliable and internationally accepted foundations.

You can use the live chat facility to get an instant quote and compare prices of mild steel polished rings. Buyers can also ask questions about origins and availability at the outset of the association.

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Mild steel has a low percentage of carbon (less than 0.3%). This composition makes it weldable and ductile, adapting to different industrial sectors with elan. Purchasing mild steel blank discs at competitive prices can help buyers get dependable building and fabrication solutions. The portal aims to service buyers in procurement by saving costs, time, and effort.

Over 22 years of experience in the B2B space has helped us maintain a streamlined communication channel between buyers and manufacturers, distributors, or dealers. You can access the top ten fully verified vendors who stock products categorised by material, grade, origin, sizes, and customised requirements.

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Price comparison of a mild steel circular plate and round blanks in China & India

Mild steel, constituted of low amounts of carbon, manganese, and silicon, is the preferred material in many applications. A mild steel circular plate gets utilised in bridges, buildings, railway stations, and other engineering projects. Among the top exporters of these products are India and China.

India offers low rates for good-quality products in custom sizes. The average price of an MS circle plate of 5mm thickness is around Rs 70 per kilogram.

China is another excellent option with comparable – slightly lower – prices. Clients can buy these components at around US$ 200-400 per ton.

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5 main reasons to use mild steel blanks or an MS circle plate

These components work in automotive, construction, etc., besides manufacturing.

  • Excellent strength: A mild steel blank plate has good tensile and fatigue strength to handle impact, bending, etc., without cracking.
  • Machinable: These discs can undergo crimping, bending, and other alterations.
  • Corrosion resistance: Their natural rustproof nature can get enhanced further by powder coating and glossy finishes.
  • Precision: They support plasma cutting to produce meticulous machine parts. The dimensional accuracy is impressive.
  • Recyclable: Mild steel blanks don’t lose their metallurgical properties during recycling.
Always ask for the necessary test reports for mild steel rings and blank plate from the importers.

Quality inspection of steel rings and a blank plate

These products work in indoor and outdoor structures due to their abrasion resistance and adaptability to different weather conditions. Acquiring mild steel rings that comply with strict inspection during production is a dependable approach for quality assurance. During these checks, the items get gauged for dimensional accuracy and adherence to the corresponding ASTM or DIN standards.

Buyers should request an MTC or Mill Test Certificate to check the test results. Other salient documents are reports of radiography and third-party inspection. Some manufacturers also conduct tests for corrosion resistance, hardness, and tensile strength.

Refer to sizes and dimensions of mild steel forged rings and polished rings

Standard sizes and the ASTM specification of mild steel forged rings

Forged rings are usually robust and reliable compared to their cast or machined alternatives. Mild steel forged rings display a precise inner structure. Forging hones the metal’s granular structure via pressure, making these products capable of resisting wear and tear.

The ASTM Standard A36 and ASTM A105 cover these rings. They can undergo heat treatments like annealing, normalising, tempering, quenching, etc. This material’s hardness, tensile strength, and weather resistance make it suitable even for off-shore oil drilling companies and power generation.

Clients can find mild steel round blanks in many sizes per their needs. But the standard dimensions are 90mm to 1800mm. The thickness ranges from 10mm to 300mm.