Mild Steel Elbow

Mild Steel Elbow

What is mild steel elbow?

Pipe fittings are piping components that connect different components of the piping together. To change the flow of direction, a few directional fittings are used. The elbow is a kind of pipe fitting that is used to change the direction vertically, mostly. The Mild Steel Elbow is made up of a mild steel composition. Mild steel is made up of a ferrous material and the main composition has iron and carbon in it. There are Mild Steel Short Radius Elbow, long radius ones, and many other types in it.

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What is the difference between mild steel exhaust elbows and regular elbows?

The regular elbow is used to change the direction of flow. The exhaust elbow is also used to change the direction of flow, but it also acts as a cooling mechanism in the system. It can be a Mild Steel Seamless Elbow or a seamed one, but it is used where the exhaust is. It cools the system by mixing hot gases or liquids with some cooling agents. The cooling agent depends on the operation and the application.

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How to polish MS elbow?

If the elbow is rusted or corroded, it has to be polished. The Ms Elbow has carbon in it and the material is strong. However, immersing the elbow in some chemical solvent will get rid of the rust. If the elbow is deployed in a high-temperature system such as an engine, then the rust is easy to remove with some chemical solvent. The Elbow MS can also be mechanically cleaned before getting dipped inside a chemical agent if the elbow size is large enough and the thickness is good enough.

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How to measure MS pipe elbow length?

The elbow can come in two major types in terms of length. The Mild Steel Long Radius Elbow and the short radius elbow. The short-radius elbow has 1.5 times the outer diameter whereas the long-radius one has a radius of 2 times the outer diameter. The Mild Steel Pipe Elbow length is equal to Tan(elbow angle/2) x elbow radius. With this formula, the length of any elbow can be measured.

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How to make mild steel 90 degree elbow from the straight pipe?

Elbow can be made from a single piece of pipe. If the elbow is a mitered elbow, there can be more than one piece and the elbow is made by welding them together. The miter is used for large pipe sizes. Smaller sizes such as the 3 Inch Mild Steel 90 Degree Elbow can be made through hot pushing or extrusion. The methods involve heating up the piece of pipe and then expanding it at the same time bending to it to make the Ms Elbow 90 Degree and other types.

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Connection types of mild steel weldable elbows

Mild Steel Weld Elbows are easy to weld. They are some of the most common types of connection in a piping system. The elbows can also be socket welded, the socket weld is suitable for pipes with smaller diameters. There are threaded elbows, which are easy to install with a threaded pipe end. However, the Mild Steel Buttweld Elbow is the most used type.