Mild Steel Elbow

Mild Steel Elbow

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Mild Steel Elbow Specifications

Size Schedule Thickness
1/2 to 56 inches SCH 10 – SCH XXS 2 MM – 50 MM
Surface finish Types of Mild Steel Elbow End Connection Type
  • PE Coating
  • Galvanized
  • Polished
  • Black Finishing
  • Mild steel weldable elbow
  • MS buttweld elbow
  • Mild Steel long radius elbows
  • MS reducing elbows
  • Mild Steel short radius elbows
  • MS 3D elbows
  • Mild steel exhaust elbow
  • Mild Steel 2D elbows
  • MS 5D elbows
  • Mild Steel 90 degree elbow
  • MS 45 degree elbow
  • Mild Steel 180 degree elbow
  • Welded
  • Buttweld
Inspection Plan Standards Marking
  • HIC tested
  • Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
ASME B16.9
  • Sizes
  • ASME standard
  • Manufacturer logo / name
  • Material grade
  • Origin of country
  • Manufacturing date
Technique Classification of MS elbow Elbow Bend Angles
Hot Rolled
  • Direction angle
  • Length
  • Radius
  • Connection with pipe
  • Construction material
  • 45 Deg
  • 90 Deg
  • 180 Deg
Manufacturing Process Of Mild Steel Buttweld Elbow Heat Treatment MS pipe elbow Meet The Requirements Of
  • Mandrel method
  • UO method
  • Hot forming
  • Extrusion method
  • Quenching + high-temperature tempering
  • Normalizing + tempering
  • Normalizing
  • Solid solution treatment
  • NACE MR0175
  • NACE MR0103
  • NACE TM-0284
  • ISO 15156
  • Sour service

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