Mild steel flat bar

Mild Steel Flat Bar

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A form of carbon steel with little carbon content is called mild steel. Mild steel, also referred to as low-carbon steel, has a carbon content of between 0.05% and 0.25% by weight. This is the case as opposed to high-carbon steel, which contains up to 2.5% carbon by weight. Mild Steel Flat Bars are used instead of alloy steel since they predominantly contain iron and ferrite components. Mild Steel Rolling Flat Bar is a cost-effective and surprisingly flexible steel with a wide range of applications.

Although mild steel has an excellent mix of strength, flexibility, and formability, its lower carbon content makes it simpler to deal with and utilize in building applications. Mild Steel Flat Rods are a fantastic material option for building frames, trailers, and more high-quality residential, commercial, and daily construction.

Mild steel flat bar sizes, weight, chemical composition and mechanical properties

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Mild steel flat bar properties

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MS flat bars are thin mild steel strips ranging from 6 mm to 25 mm, with thicker flats available. MS flat bars manufacture grates, cable trays, bright bars, bus bodies, elevators, escalators, truck trailers, tippers, railroads, base plates, shipbuilding, washers, flanges, and clamps, to name a few technical fields. provides a variety of mild steel rectangular bar using ultrasonic NDT testing

What is MS flats steel used for?

MS flats are used to make sheds, large structures, machines, and buildings. The best straightness, dimensional tolerance, and machining are found in MS flats. Scaffolding manufacturers, foundation plates, clips, link plates, dazzling bar ventures, truck trailers, tippers, railways, transport bodies, lifts and elevators, and many more design-related sectors all employ flat bars. These are frail sections of mild steel with varying strip thicknesses that are abundant in low temperatures, giving the structure more stability.

Bright mild steel flat bar surface was smoothed out via drawing, peeling, or grinding

What thickness is mild steel flat rods?

Mild Steel flat rods offer unique properties due to their distinct composition, making them ideal for specific tasks requiring steel construction. It has a thickness range of 5 to 50 mm. HR flat bar or hot rolled flat bar Mild Steel Flat Bar (also known as long products, re-rolled, and merchant bar) is a flexible, low-cost, low-carbon product that may be used in various applications.

MS flat rod has a low carbon content (0.22% max) and yield point (275N/mm2 min), allowing for simple forming, fabrication, and machining procedures without requiring specialized tools or heat treatments. Due to the significant temperature drop to cold and the lack of finishing before end use, it is hard to appropriately monitor section tolerances during hot rolling. Tolerances for Mild Steel Flats vary based on section size. Nonetheless, they range from 0.4 mm to millimeters in more significant regions.

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Why MS flat rod are better?

These are popular due to their inexpensive cost and adaptability. It is a common steel, especially in the building sector. Bright steel bars have a variety of applications and purposes. There are flat, rectangular, square, and dazzling box bars available. Bright flat bars are lightweight steel bars with exact geometric shape and dimensional correctness. It has a beautiful, polished, and smooth surface finish.