Mild Steel Hollow Section

Mild Steel Hollow Section

What is mild steel hollow section?

Mild steel hollow pipe parts are a type of steel that is shaped into a hollow tubular segment. Mild steel hollow sections are sometimes referred to as steel frame tubes or hollow structural segments. There are three main varieties of mild steel hollow sections: square hollow sections, circular hollow sections, and rectangular hollow sections (RHS).
The characteristics and functions of each form of the hollow section are different. Cold-formed & hot-finished mild steel hollows are in S275 & S355 standards. Mild steel hollow segments, which can be utilized as frameworks, columns, fences, and beams, are frequently used in a variety of industrial and construction applications.

Mild steel hollow section size, dimensions, weight and specification

Mild Steel Hollow Section Specification

Mild Steel Hollow Section Properties

Mild Steel Hollow Section Size Thickness Weight

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What are types of mild steel box section?

Three varieties of MS round hollow sections exist:

  • Mild steel Square hollow sections made of mild steel have a square pipe cavity. These can be produced in sizes up to 300 × 300 mm. The Mild Metal Box Segment, often known as the square tube, has a hollow steel section that is suitable for a variety of industrial tasks.
  • Mild steel rectangular hollow sections made of mild steel have a rectangular pipe cavity. These can be produced in sizes up to 400 x 200 millimeters.
  • A round pipe cavity is present in this hollow portion of mild steel. These pipes are more pressure-resistant than hollow rectangular and square sections.

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What are grades of box section mild steel?

There are three classes of box section mild steel tube, such as E220, S235, and S235J2H. These grades vary in terms of formability, machinability, corrosion resistance, and mechanical qualities. E220 has red oxide or mill finishes, great machinability, poor corrosion resistance, poor formability, and poor formability.
Galvanized finishes, poor weldability, good corrosion resistance, poor formability, and poor machinability are all characteristics of grade E235. Red oxide finishes, poor weldability, low corrosion resistance, excellent formability, and excellent machinability are all characteristics of grade S235J2H.
These pipes are used in many ways across a variety of sectors depending on their speciation. For the convenience of selecting the mild steel box section sizes, these pipes are categorized.

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What are benefits of mild steel rectangular hollow section?

  • Lightweight – Hot-formed 25×25 box sections made of mild steel weigh a remarkable amount less than other substances, making them easier to handle. Despite being utilized for structural purposes, they are neither brittle or prone to breaking due to their low weight.
  • The ease of machining the hollow pipes is unaffected by whether or not they were put through a furnace during manufacturing. While cold-formed segments are made at room temperature, hot-formed hollow steel segments are formed at a normalizing temperature.
  • Strength in compression: Mild steel & structural steel, for example, have a compressive strength of about 250 MPa.
  • Any kind of mild steel rectangular box section is reusable.
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Mild steel SHS price difference between India and China

China is far ahead of nations like Canada and Australia regarding metallurgy. China is capable of producing and selling steel to India for 39% less money than it costs China to produce and distribute rectangular mild steel box section to India.
Chinese plants have a high rate of production. China now produces more mild steel circular hollow sections than India, combined with significant and inexpensive labour, superior iron and coal resources, and ongoing technological advancements. China has a high local demand for steel, and the government there has invested heavily in the sector.
The total cost of installation and operation has decreased. As a result, RHS for mild steel is more affordable in China than anywhere else.

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How to cut mild steel hollow pipe?

Despite the substance, users should always evaluate the mild steel SHS’s diameter they make sure you are using the proper tube-cutting tool for the operation.
Create a line on the material where you wish to cut using a measuring tape and a pencil or other marking implement to determine how to create a straight cut. Trace the tube’s perimeter if at all feasible before cutting, particularly when using a handsaw.
Use a grip, clamp, miter boxes, and even sellotape to hold the pipe in place so that it doesn’t move during the cutting process to ensure a cut is as straight as possible.