Mild Steel Plate

Mild Steel Plate

What is mild steel plate?

A MS plate is a low carbon grade. MS sheet has superior strength and has a thickness of 6mm or more. These plates provide support and stability to different applications. An MS plate is ductile, making it very machinable. These plates can be readily welded in place using standard welding procedures. Mild steel plate suppliers supply material for use in structural steel, automobiles, furniture, wire, fencing, and other applications.


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mild steel plate


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Mild Steel Plate Price List

Size 4 ft Length, MS Plate
Thickness Price USD/Pcs
0.187 inch 12 in US $89
0.187 inch 24 in US $173
0.25 inch 12 in US $107
0.25 inch 24 in US $202


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Specification of MS Plate

Material MS
Length Up to 15000mm
Thickness from 3mm up to as thick as 150mm
Sizes 2000 x 1000mm up to 4000 x 2000mm or Custom
Max. weight 25 MT Per Plate
larger area plate 6000 x 2000mm upto 12000 x 3000mm
Delivery Condition
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Normalized rolled
  • Thermo mechanically controlled process
  • As rolled
  • Wear Resistance: Fair
  • Corrosion Resistance: Poor
  • Machining / Grinding: Good
  • Bending / Forming: Fair
  • Welding: Excellent


Types of Mild Steel Sheet

Mild Steel Sheet

Mild Steel Sheet

MS Plate

MS Plate

Mild Steel Plate

Mild Steel Plate

MS Plate 4x8

MS Plate 4×8

6mm Mild Steel Plate

6mm Mild Steel Plate

Mild Steel Sheet Metal

Mild Steel Sheet Metal

Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plate

3mm Mild Steel Sheet =

3mm Mild Steel Sheet

6mm Mild Steel Plate

6mm Mild Steel Plate


6mm Mild Steel Plate Stock in Middle East, cut to size MS Plate 4×8 in at best price, check grades & specification


Mild Steel Plate Grades

IS 2062: E250 Gr A/ B/ C A 36 EN 10025: S275, S235 DIN 17100: ST 44.2, ST 37.3, ST 44.3 G 3101: SS400
A 283: C, B, A, D G 3106: SM400


More grades:

  • EN1A
  • EN24
  • EN8
  • A Corten
  • EN3B
  • Type A
  • GMS
  • S275JR
  • 500B Rebar
  • T45


What is mild steel hot rolled plate?

A MS hot rolled plate is a grade heated at high temperatures till it reaches its recrystallization limit. The plates are easy to form, making them suitable for precision applications. A hot rolled mild steel plate has a scaled surface with slightly rounded edges. These plates may have slight distortions and have low internal stress.


MS Plate 4×8 Sizes

Size (L x W) mm Thickness (T) mm
2000 x 1000 2
2000 x 1000 1.5
2000 x 1000 3
2000 x 1000 2.5
2000 x 1000 4
2000 x 1000 6
2000 x 1000 5
2000 x 1000 8
2000 x 1000 12
2000 x 1000 10
2000 x 1000 15
2000 x 1000 25
2000 x 1000 20
2500 x 1250 1.5


Does Mild steel rust and how to prevent it ?

Yes, Mild Steel Rust. The iron present combines with the moisture in the air to form iron oxide, or “rust,” because mild steel lacks this chromium oxide protective coating. Therefore, further processing, such as galvanising, is necessary to give mild steel a protective surface.

How to Prevent it ?

  • Regular maintenance
  • Proper Pre-Design
  • Galvanizing
  • Bluing
  • Powder coating
  • FOZZ
  • Organic coating

Mild steel rust and how to prevent it


Mild Steel Plate Hs Code

HS Code Description
72085120 Non Alloy Steel Mild Steel Plates
73269099 200x200x3 Mm Mild Steel Floor Jack-plate
72085210 Size : 80 Mm X 2500 X4500 Mild Steel Plate
72085120 Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plates


Density of MS Chequered Plate

Melting Point 1370 to 1400°c
Density 8000
Electrical Resistivity 0.7 µΩm
Modulus of Elasticity 190 to 210 GPa


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Mild Steel Plate Weight

Thickness (T) mm Size (L x W) mm Mass Kgm/Metre Square
3 o/p 2500 x 1250 29.19
6 o/p 4000 x 1750 49.74
3 o/p 2000 x 1000 29.19
4.5 o/p 2000 x 1000 37.97
3 o/p 3000 x 1500 29.19
4.5 o/p 2500 x 1250 37.97
6 o/p 2000 x 1000 49.74
4.5 o/p 3000 x 1500 37.97
6 o/p 2500 x 1250 49.74
4.5 o/p 4000 x 1750 37.97
6 o/p 3000 x 1500 49.74


How To Calculate Mild Steel Sheet Weight?

The weight of a mild steel sheet can be calculated using a simple formula.

Length xWidth x Density x thickness = weight


Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plate and MS Sheet with hydrostatic, and eddy current test in Middle East


Mild Steel Sheet Metal Testing

  • Ultrasonic Testing For Defects
  • Charpy V-notch Test For Toughness
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Mild Steel Plate Bearing Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Fatigue tests
  • Hardness test


Mild Steel Sheet Metal Testing


What is 6mm Mild Steel Plate and its application

A chequered mild steel plate is a thin flat sheet of metal. The Ms chequered plate has patterns of raised lines or diamonds on the top side, while the other side is blank. The design on its surface gives it traction and makes it a non-slip metal. This is why a chequered 5mm mild steel sheet is used on walkways, ramps, and stairs in different housing and commercial projects. They are also seen in decorative elements in houses and establishments.


Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plate Application

  • Decorations
  • Nails
  • Automobiles
  • Structural steel
  • Furniture
  • Signs
  • Engineering & Heavy lifting equipments
  • Military equipments and vehicles
  • Secured containers


Mild Steel Plate Application


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How to negotiate with your manufacturer or supplier?

Negotiation is a trick that can save you a few bucks and allow you to invest elsewhere. Purchasing mild steel strips in bulk is a great way to demand lower costs from suppliers or manufacturers. Secondly, you can ask for customization on the material without having to pay for this service. You can also quote other mild steel coil manufacturers about their services and product price to get an edge in the negotiation.


chemical composition of 3mm Mild Steel Sheet

0.65 max 0.015 to 0.06 0.5 to 1.25 0.25 to 0.55 Balance
0.07 to 0.15 0.15 max 0.2 to 0.5 0.25 to 0.75 0.03 max


Mechanical Property of 10mm Mild Steel Plate

Mechanical Property VALUE
Hardness 105 Vickers – HV
Tensile Strength 485 N/mm²
Yield Strength 345 N/mm²
Shear Strength
Proof Stress 0.2%
Elongation (in 200mm) 20% minimum