Mild steel threaded rod

Mild Steel Threaded Rod

A mild steel threaded rod includes titanium, zinc-plated steel and a stainless steel. It fastens two materials together. Adding to this, they are designed with an aim to withstand extreme pressure and tensions. But this factor entirely depends on the threaded rod itself. They are also malleable and are highly ductile.

On the other hand, show excellent conductivity to heat and electricity, making them an ideal use case for its application as a heat conductor and some other application where electricity is considered as a building block or a base material.

Main usage of ms threaded bar is in plumbing. For example, they are mainly used in installation of HVAC. This is because they enable quicker or slopping installation of air handlers, heater and some other equipment. Adding to this, they are also ideal for hanging suspended ceilings and when alignment is needed in manufacturing processes and medical machines.

Adding to this, they also show excellent corrosion resistance and have high strength. They also accompany themselves with good machinability. Adding to this, ms alloy fine threaded rod are also available in black, zinc-plated, galvanised and stainless-steel finishes. They also are available in varied lengths. Because of all these reasons, they are mainly used for the following below reasons:

  • Used in building
  • General applications make use of ACME threaded bar.
  • Used to join metals and woods.
  • Wall construction.
  • Furniture making.

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Mild steel threaded rod specification

Mild Steel Threaded Rod Specifications

MS threaded rod imperial sizes Metric sizes Condition
  • 1/4 to 2 inch
  • M6 to M64
  • Threading
  • Cold Drawn
Length Process Packaging
6 to 12ft Hot forging, CNC and Machining, Cold Forging
  • Wrapping tissue paper
  • Wooden box
  • Polybag packing
  • Plastic box
  • EPE foam packing
  • Stretch packaging
  • carton
View list of reliable mild steel threaded rod suppliers who provide below types of threads ? Application Condition
  • Right hand
  • Left hand
  • Both right and left hand.
  • electrical
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • plumbing
  • mechanical engineering
  • Threading
  • Cold Drawn
Coating Standards Origin
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
  • Zinc Coated
  • Xylon Coated
  • PTFE Coated
  • Cadmium Coated
  • Phosphate Coated
  • powder
  • ASTM A325
  • ASME SA325
  • DIN 6334
  • DIN 975
  • Japan
  • South America
  • East Europe
  • Korea
Temperature Melting Point Hardness
-50 °C to 500° C 1350 ° C- 1530 ° C 70 HRB
All mild steel threaded rod manufacturers at provide Most Sellings Threaded Rod Testing
  • Mill Test Certificate
  • Free sample
  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • Free quote
  • Third Party Inspection Report
  • NABL Approved Lab Reports
  • EN 10204 3.1
  • Fully threaded
  • Double sided/ Double End
  • Tap end
  • Internally threaded
  • Partially threaded
  • Continuous Threaded
  • Positive Material Identification Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Tensile Testing
  • IGC Test
  • Impact Testing
Types of MS threaded rod & Studs
  • MS all thread
  • Mild steel stud bolt
  • MS Eye Stud Bolt
  • Welding Studs
  • Lug Stud Bolt
  • MS Plain Stud Bolt
  • Mild steel Shear Stud Bolt
  • Knurled Stud Bolt
  • MS Xylan Coated Stud Bolt

Mild Steel Threaded Rod Chemical Composition

Mild Steel Threaded Rod Dimensions

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Mild Steel Threaded Rod Weight Chart