Miter bend

Miter bend

What is mitered pipe bend?

Pipe bends are some of the piping fittings that are commonly used in piping applications. There are different types of bends according to the needs of the application. Mitered Pipe Bend is a type of bend made by connecting two or more pieces of pipe cuttings together to form the desired angle and length of the bend. Usually, the mitered pipe bends are made up of up to 5 cut pieces of the pipe with a diameter of 10 inches or more. The applications are also restricted to low-pressure flow applications.

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Length calculation of mitered bend

The length of pipe required to make a Mitered Bend and the length of each mitered piece can be calculated by formulas. The length of the pipe needed to make the entire bend is equal to the sum of the lengths of the cut pieces added to the sum of the cutting allowances for each cut piece. The length of each cut piece could be calculated by the following formula. The outer length OL1 of the first cut piece is equal to tan(angle of cut)x outer radius. The outer radius, the angle of cut, and other parameters have calculation formulas as well.

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Where to use ASME b31.3 miter bends?

Mitter bends are mostly used in water lines underground. The Asme B16.9 Buttweld Mitered Bend can be welded together with the pipe. Since the mitered bends are meant for low-pressure applications, it is often used with applications underground. The leakage potential is high with mitered bends if the pressure increased above the recommended threshold level.

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Limitations of 90 degree miter bend

Weld 90┬░ Long Radius Miter Bend and short radius miter bend can only be used in low-strength applications because the number of joints makes the mitered bend weaker than regular bends. The bend also has a high-pressure drop. In the case of the 180 Degree Mitered Bend, the number of welded joints and the angle of direction change are all higher, making it to have high turbulence. These types of bends are also susceptible to corrosion and it requires highly skilled personnel to make the bends.

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Advantages of stainless steel mitered pipe bends

Stainless steel is a commonly used material for piping applications. The Steel Mitered Pipe Bend can have the desired strength. Stainless steels are made up of different alloying materials in lower quantities and they have good general corrosion resistance and they are quite efficient for their cost. You can do the calculation and make your own mitered bend with the angle that you desire. So the mitered bends have the advantage of high customization.

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The fabrication method of carbon steel miter pipe bend

1.5d Miter Bend and 2D miter bends are common in miter bends. The calculations are made, the pipe is cut into the desired length of pieces, and then the cut pieces are joined together by welding. There are different angles for the miter bends such as the 45 Degree Mitered Bend and the 90┬░ miter bends. All the differently angled mitered bends can be made and fabricated through this process.