Monel K500 Fasteners

Monel K500 Fasteners

What are monel k500 fasteners?

These are solid-solution alloys, that contain 63% nickel in their chemical composition. In addition to nickel, they contain a higher content of copper, giving them good mechanical properties and resistance to saltwater.

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Monel K500 Fasteners Specifications

Monel K500 Fasteners Properties

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What is a monel k500 screws?

Monel k500 screws are nickel-based alloys that exhibit high strength and corrosion resistance. They find use in applications involving cryogenic conditions. In environments where the temperatures are sub-zero, they neither become brittle nor do they lose their mechanical properties.

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Is monel k500 bolts magnetic?

The alloy has only 2% iron in its chemical composition, making Monel K500 Fasteners non-magnetic, especially at low temperatures.

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What is alloy k500 hex nuts used for?

Although the corrosion resistance properties of grade K500 Fasteners are similar to alloy 400, it has far greater tensile strength and hardness as compared to the latter. It is particularly resistant to resistant to sour gas and marine environment. Therefore, k500 hex nuts are used in marine engineering projects and sour wells.

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Is monel k500 bolts and nuts heat resistant?

Monel k500 nuts and bolts have a higher content of nickel in their alloys. When alloys have a higher content of nickel in their alloy, they exhibit good resistance to heat. These fasteners are suited to applications in moderately high-temperature environments.

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Is monel K500 studs more expensive than a monel N05500 threaded rod?

Monel K500 studs are smaller than 12”, as compared to threaded rods which have a length of more than 12”. Therefore, the cost for a threaded rod will be higher as compared to studs.