Monel k500 plate

monel k500 plate

What is monel k500 plate ?

The Monel K500 has higher concentrations of nickel and chromium. A Monel K500 Plate is a precipitation hardenable grade having excellent strength and hardness. These plates have enhanced resistance to corrosive affluents and harsh environments. They work well in cryogenic and high temperature conditions. The Nickel Alloy K500 plate is resistant to sour-gas systems. These plates are non-magnetic and hardened via heat treatment.

The UNS N05500 clad plate is a composite plate designed by bonding metal strips together. These plates are easy to fabricate compared to other superalloys. The Monel Alloy K500 Foil is a thin metal grade designed in thickness below 0.2mm. These foils help cover the material giving them protection against the elements. The ASME SB127 K500 Shim Sheet is utilized to fill any space between materials. These sheets provide stability to different applications. The ASTM B127 UNS N05500 Strip can be fabricated and welded following standard practices.

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Monel K500 Plate Specification

Monel K500 Plate Properties

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What is Monel k500 sheet heat treatment process?

Annealing of the Monel k500 sheet is performed by softening the matrix after working and solutions during the age-hardening phase. The Monel k500 sheet is subjected to temperatures between 1400 to 1600 degrees F to achieve adequate material hardening. This is produced as the DIN 2.4375 Hot Rolled Plate is hot finished in temperatures of 1800 degrees F. This allows the plate to be very ductile and formable. The Monel Alloy K500 Cold Rolled Plate is subjected to temperatures of 1900 degrees F during a hot rolling stage. This allows the cold rolled plate to have a fine grain structure as it is processed at room temperature. To get the best aging response and maximum softness, the Alloy K500 Sheet is water quenched. This gives its enhanced performance.


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Monel k500 vs monel 400

The Monel 400 and Monel K500 are nickel and copper alloy grades that can be differentiated based on certain features. A K500 Monel Perforated Sheet has a better chemical composition with less impurity elements like sulfur and manganese compared to the Monel 400 grade. The Magnetic Monel 400 has good toughness, while the non-magnetic WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4375 Coil has superior strength. The Monel 400 grade is cheaper than the Monel K-500 specification.


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What are delivery condition of alloy k500 sheet ?

The K500 Monel sheet is supplied in hot worked, solution treated, and precipitation treated.


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What are creep and rupture properties of monel alloy k500 plate ?

The Monel alloy K500 plates have creep and rupture properties up to 540 degrees C.


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How thermal treatments is perform on ASTM B127 UNS N05500 Strip ?

The thermal treatments on the Monel k500 sheet can age harden the material. The material can be heat treated based on thickness- soft, moderately cold worked and fully cold worked material. Initially, the material is heated at certain temperatures, and later furnace cooled and cooled.