MP159 bolts

MP159 Bolts

What is MP159 material?

The MP159 material is a primary nickel and cobalt-based alloy. The superalloy specification covers equipment fit to make fastener equipment. The UNS R30159 Stud Bolts have good corrosion resistance properties and enhanced strength. These materials have good ductility and work in temperatures up to 1100 degrees F. They have excellent fatigue strength and good performance in a range of environments.

MP159 Bolts Specifications

MP159 Bolts Properties

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What is MP159 bolts?

The MP159 bolt is a mechanical fastener that is designed with a threaded shaft. MP159 Bolts allow it to permanently and temporarily connect two equipment. These bolts are affixed utilizing nuts or washers. The MP159 Steel Hex Bolts have good corrosion resistance with enhanced fatigue resistance. These bolts are designed in different types and heads. Similar to bolts, the MP159 Screws are closely related. Bolts can be availed in a range of sizes to suit customer specifications.

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Application of MP159 fasteners

The MP159 fasteners are reliable equipment that can be affixed to connect two pieces of equipment. MP159 Fasteners are common in manufacturing units, the medical sector, valve components, chemical processing, and marine equipment. They are also seen in jet engines, power generation, landing gears, rocket boosters, etc.

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What is the thread size of MP159 hex head bolts ?

A hex bolt is a six-sided grade designed with a hexagonal cross section. The MP159 Hex Head Bolts are designed in nominal sizes of #0 to #2 or more. These bolts can also be customized to meet customer requirements. The MP159 Alloy Heavy Hex Bolts are designed in standard diameters of M2 to M20 or more.

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Characteristics of MP159 shoulder bolts

The MP159 shoulder bolt is a machine screw that has an unthreaded shoulder under the head, which is larger than the threads. MP159 Shoulder Bolts allow for strong fixation in the system. These bolts have extreme strength with enhanced workability in elevated temperatures. The MP159 Threaded Rod has good resistance to stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.

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What is the minimum coating micron thickness required for MP159 screws?

The coating of MP150 Scre determines the expected life of a substrate to give them enhanced service life and performance. Alloy MP159 Studs coating thickness range between 20 to 100 microns.