MP35N fasteners

MP35N Fasteners

What are MP35N fasteners?

The MP35N fasteners are age hardenable nickel and cobalt as the base alloy. The MP35N Fasteners are mechanical joints that connect equipment permanently and non-permanently in the system. These fasteners are very reliable and have superior performance. They are designed in the form of bolts, nuts, rods, studs, washers, etc. The WNR 2.4999 Hex Head Bolts have outstanding strength, toughness, and enhanced corrosion resistance properties. They are employed to work in cryogenic and high temperature systems. The MP35N Alloy Steel Heavy Hex Bolt has good mechanical properties and is available in lengths between 3mm to 200mm. The versatile MP35N Nickel Cobalt Alloy Metric Hex Nut is available in an array of sizes as per requirements.

MP35N Fasteners Specifications

MP35N Fasteners Chemical Composition

MP35N Bolts Mechanical Properties

MP35N Alloy Stud Bolts Electrical Properties

MP35N Fasteners Dimensions

MP35N Fasteners Weight Chart

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What are MP35N bolts called?

The MP35N bolt is a fastener that is shaft threaded using nuts. MP35N Bolts are also referred to as the Allvac 35N bolts. These bolts are common fasteners that are used in an array of environments. These bolts are affixed with nuts, and an MP35N Washer is used to distribute the load in the system.

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MP35N hex bolts vs MP35N alloy stud bolts

The MP35N hex bolt is designed with a hexagonal cross section. These bolts are only threaded at the end that can be affixed with nuts. The MP35N Alloy Stud Bolts is partially threaded across its length with the unthreaded middle section.

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UNS R30035 studs uses

The UNS R30035 studs are reliable fasteners that have good strength and corrosion resistance, allowing them to work in different conditions. The UNS R30035 Studs are common in aerospace, racing engines, petrochemical equipment, marine systems, dental products, and the medical industry.

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Buy MP35N threaded rod with leak-proofness test reports

An MP35N threaded rod is characterized having threads that cover its entire surface. The MP35N Threaded Rod is designed to handle extreme stress, so is subject to various tests. The leak-proofness test checks the elastomeric sealing joint in piping systems. You can purchase these rods from vendors who offer test reports to give you the best performance.

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Characteristics of WNR 2.4999 hex head bolts

The WNR 2.4999 hex head bolts are fasteners that have good chemical properties and tolerances. The MP35N Hex Bolts is designed with a hexagonal cross section having enhanced corrosion resistance properties. These bolts have good strength, ductility, and enhanced toughness. They have excellent mechanical properties and work in high temperature conditions.

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