MP35N screws

MP35N Screws

What are MP35N screws?

An MP35N screw is a sharp pointed, raised helical threaded fastener grade. The MP35N Screws are age hardenable nickel and cobalt as their primary base alloys. These screws have good strength and excellent toughness. MP35N Nickel Cobalt Alloy Tek Screws can be easily installed and efficiently dismantled. These screws have enhanced resistance to corrosion and chloride solutions. MP35N Countersunk Self Drilling Screws can be fastened using a screwdriver or a wrench. These screws can easily connect with wood, steel, concrete, plastic, and other material. The Uns R30035 Wood Screws tap easily into the wood to connect different materials. These screws have an ultimate tensile strength of 300 ksi with a minimum yield strength of 230 ksi. The MP35N Concrete Screws have excellent strength and can be elongated by 9% in the system. These screws are available designed indifferent sizes and shapes as per requirements.

MP35N Screws Specifications

MP35N Screws Chemical Composition

MP35N Socket Head Cap Screws Mechanical Properties

MP35N Alloy Set Screw Electrical Properties

MP35N socket head cap screws suppliers in UAE, view UNS R30035 set screw magnetic properties

Is MP35N bolts magnetic?

The MP35N is a nickel, chromium, and cobalt alloy grade specification. MP35N Socket Head Cap Screws are non-magnetic and have an ultra-higher tensile strength.

MP35N flat head screws and UNS R30035 wood screws for high-duty applications in the GCC countries

What are MP35N hex bolts used for?

The MP35N hex bolt is a 6-sided tool which is shaped in a hexagonal cross section. WNR 2.4999 Hex Head Self Tapping Screws are often seen in aerospace, defense, chemical processing, oil and gas, medical industries, etc.

Check the MP35N countersunk self drilling screws temperature range before purchasing them in the Middle East and Asia

What temperature can MP35N alloy stud bolts withstand?

The MP35N alloy stud bolts can be fully or partially threaded and can handle different temperatures. An MP35N Alloy Set Screw stud works in elevated temperatures up to 800 degrees F.

WNR 2.4999 hex head self tapping screws in large diameter, check MP35N alloy steel deck screws hardness

What is the hardness of UNS R30035 studs?

The UNS R30035 studs have a hardness of 50 HRC.

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Advantages and disadvantages of MP35N threaded rod

The MP35N threaded rod is fully threaded across its length, which is hardened using nickel and cobalt as its primary alloys. MP35N Flat Head Screws are very ductile and have enhanced resistance to corrosive affluents. These screws are easy to install and are very reliable. The MP35N Alloy Steel Deck Screws may be prone to fracture due to vibrations and stress. These screws may also corrode when exposed to harsh environments.