MSS SP-114 Fittings

MSS SP-114 Fittings

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What are mss sp-114 fittings?

Produced as socket weld or threaded type, these fittings are produced from various stainless steel alloys including grades 304 and 316. MSS SP-114 is a standard that is used in the manufacture of fittings.

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Can polish or coating be done on mss-sp-114 class 150 fittings?

Mss-sp-114 Class 150 Fittings may be coated or polished – depending on the requirement. Polishing clears the surface of the fittings by removing bumps and eliminating their grainy texture. On the other hand, the coating is preferred for its corrosion resistance behaviour. Galvanizing is a common coating applied on the MSS SP-114 Fittings. Yet, they can be customized to black paint, anti-corrosion oil, cadmium plating, and electroplating – as they form a thin layer over the surface of the fitting.

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How to measure mss-sp-114 threaded elbow?

A threaded elbow has female threads. Female threaded fasteners are usually measured by the inner diameter. The size of the inner diameter will correspond to the outer male threads of the pipe.

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What are the main disadvantages of using mss-sp-114 class 1000 fittings in a pipe system?

The main disadvantage of using Mss-sp-114 Class 1000 Fittings is that the specification only touches base with the minimum requirements for the construction of a fitting. The MSS bears neither bears responsibility nor authority to both monitor and certify the adherence of the fittings to the document.

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What are various types of stainless steel mss sp 114 pattern fittings?

The different types of fittings include – elbows (45 and 90 degrees, street), tees, crosses, Straight and reduced cast couplings, caps, hex plugs, and threaded fittings.