MSS SP-119 Fittings

Mss SP-119 Fittings

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What are MSS SP-119 fittings?

According to the specification, they are Wrought Belled End Pipe fittings produced in a factory, intended for Socket-Welding applications

Check the specification of belled end fittings according to MSS SP-119, advantages and disadvantages of factory-made wrought belled end fittings

How to buy a factory-made wrought belled end pipe fittings?

Although the specification is similar to the ANSI B16.9 standard dimension for buttweld pipe fittings, one has to mention the specification name i.e. – MSS SP-119. Mentioning the name while placing the order specifies the requirement of Factory-Made Wrought Belled End Pipe Fittings.

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Advantages and disadvantages of MSS SP-119 belled-end fittings


  • Easy and quick installation process
  • The welding process does not require the connecting pipe to be bevelled.
  • The need for a pre-and-post-weld treatment is eliminated.
  • The assembly permits slight misalignment during installation.

Disadvantages –

  • The sole disadvantage of the MSS-SP-119 Belled-End Fittings is that they are not suited to high-pressure applications.
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Why is a 90/10 copper nickel bell end tee used in piping connections?

Using Mss Sp-119 Fittings has many benefits, including their corrosion resistance and moderately high strength at cryogenic temperatures. Despite having an economical cost, the 90/10 Copper Nickel Bell End Tee can resist getting weakened due to hydrogen embrittlement.

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The corrosion resistance of copper-nickel 70/30 bell end elbow

Copper has excellent anti-microbial properties. As the content of copper is higher in the alloy, these fittings exhibit excellent resistance to microbes in marine environments. Metals often get eroded with the force of seawater and experience fatigue. Copper Nickel 70/30 Bell End Elbow is also quite resistant to erosion and can retain its mechanical properties from subzero temperatures to 300oC.